352F XE

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The 352F XE is the latest machine from Caterpillar that will significantly lower your owning and operating costs.
Built with our proven XE technology, this excavator will cut your fuel consumption by up to 10% compared to our standard 352F – a market leader in and of itself for high efficiency.
Unlike models from other manufacturers, the 352F XE is loaded with productivity boosting technology that will help improve your bottom line even more. Technologies like the new Cat Production Measurement Payload system, Cat Grade Control, and Product Link™ come standard on this machine – all to help you easily do work more quickly and efficiently.
So if you are looking for the absolute maximum level of productivity and efficiency from a 52-ton machine, look no further than the 352F XE.


Engine Model Cat® C13 ACERT™ Cat® C13 ACERT™ Less
Net Flywheel Power 425.0 HP 317.0 kW Less
Bore 5.12 in 130.0 mm Less
Displacement 763.0 in³ 12.5 l Less
Power - ISO 14396 425.0 HP 317.0 kW Less
Stroke 6.18 in 157.0 mm Less


Operating Weight 118587.0 lb 53790.0 kg Less
Maximum Weight 118587.0 lb 53790.0 kg Less
Minimum Weight 112700.0 lb 51120.0 kg Less


Gradeability 30 deg/70% 30 deg/70% Less
Maximum Drawbar Pull 75311.0 lbf 335.0 kN Less
Maximum Travel Speed 2.9 mile/h 4.7 km/h Less

Hydraulic System

Boom Cylinder - Bore 6.69 in 170.0 mm Less
Boom Cylinder - Stroke 60.0 in 1524.0 mm Less
Maximum Flow - High Pressure Circuit 79.0 gal/min 300.0 l/min Less
Maximum Flow - Main System 198.0 gal/min 750.0 l/min Less
Maximum Flow - Medium Pressure Circuit 12.0 gal/min 44.0 l/min Less
Maximum Flow - Pilot System 6.9 gal/min 26.0 l/min Less
Maximum Flow - Swing System 99.0 gal/min 375.0 l/min Less
Maximum Pressure - Equipment 5080.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Pilot System 598.0 psi 4120.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Swing 3771.0 psi 26000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Travel 5080.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Stick Cylinder - Bore 7.48 in 190.0 mm Less
Stick Cylinder - Stroke 69.21 in 1758.0 mm Less
TB Bucket Cylinder - Bore 6.3 in 160.0 mm Less
TB Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 53.39 in 1356.0 mm Less

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 13.2 gal (US) 50.0 l Less
DEF Tank 10.8 gal (US) 41.0 l Less
Engine Oil 10.0 gal (US) 38.0 l Less
Final Drive - Each 4.0 gal (US) 15.0 l Less
Fuel Tank Capacity 190.0 gal (US) 720.0 l Less
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 151.0 gal (US) 570.0 l Less
Hydraulic Tank 108.0 gal (US) 407.0 l Less
Swing Drive - Each 2.6 gal (US) 10.0 l Less

Swing Mechanism

Maximum Swing Torque 137777.0 ft·lbf 187.0 kN·m Less
Swing Speed 8.1 r/min 8.1 r/min Less
Swing Torque 108790.0 ft·lbf 147.5 kN·m Less


Number of Carrier Rollers - Each Side 3 pieces 3 pieces Less
Number of Shoes - Each Side 52 pieces 52 pieces Less
Number of Track Rollers - Each Side 9 pieces 9 pieces Less
Track Options 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm Less

Equipping Every Customer for Success – Building products just for you and your type of work

Cat XE Technology – The more it works, the more you save.

Safe Work Environment – Features to help protect you day in and day out

Reliable and Productive – Power to move your material with speed and precision

Fuel Efficient – Engineered to lower your operating costs

Easy to Operate – Comfort and convenience to keep you productive all shift long

Durable Structures – Made to work in your tough, heavy-duty applications

Durable Linkages – Options to take on your far-reaching or up-close tasks

Versatile – Do more jobs with one machine

Cat Connect Technologies – Monitor, manage, and enhance job site operations

Serviceable – Designed to make your maintenance quick and easy

Complete Customer Care – Unmatched support makes the difference

Sustainable – Generations ahead in every way

352F XE Standard Equipment

  • C13 ACERT diesel engine
  • Meets Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final) emission standards
  • 2300 m altitude capability with no derate
  • Automatic engine speed control
  • Electric priming pump with switch
  • Water separator in fuel line including switch water level sensor and indicator
  • Air precleaner
  • Side-by-side cooling system
  • Economy and standard power modes
  • Primary filter with water separator
  • Radial seal air filter
  • Fuel differential indicator switch in fuel line

  • Reverse swing dampening valve
  • Automatic swing parking brake
  • High-performance hydraulic return filter
  • Regeneration circuit for boom and stick
  • Capability of installing additional auxiliary circuits
  • 48° ambient cooling capability
  • Heavy lift mode

  • Cat one key security system
  • Door locks
  • Cap locks on fuel and hydraulic tanks
  • Lockable external tool/storage box
  • Signaling/warning horn
  • Secondary engine shutoff switch
  • Mirrors
  • Rear window for emergency exit
  • Rearview and side-view cameras
  • Capability to connect a beacon
  • Bolt on FOGS capability
  • Safety hammer for breaking cab glass

  • 80 amp alternator
  • Circuit breaker
  • Standard battery
  • Beacon outlet

  • Parallel wiper and washer
  • Mirrors
  • Pressurized operator station with positive filtration
  • Laminated glass front upper window and tempered other windows
  • Sliding upper door window (left‑hand cab door)
  • Removable lower windshield within cab storage bracket
  • Openable skylight
  • Interior:
    – Glass-breaking safety hammer
    – Coat hook
    – Beverage holder
    – Literature holder
    – Interior lighting
    – AM/FM radio mounting (DIN size)
    – Two 12V stereo speakers
    – Storage shelf suitable for lunch or toolbox
    – Power supply with 12V, two power outlets (10 amp)
    – Thumb wheel modulation joystick for use with combined auxiliary control
    – Sun screen
    – Air conditioner, heater and defroster with climate control
  • Seat:
    – Adjustable high-back, heated and ventilated seat with air suspension
    – Seat belt, 51 mm
    – Adjustable armrest
    – Height adjustable joystick consoles
    – Neutral lever (lock out) for all controls
    – Travel control pedals with removable hand levers
    – Capability of installing two additional pedals
    – Floor mat, washable
  • Monitor:
    – Clock
    – Video ready
    – Color LCD display with warning, filter/fluid change, and working hour information
    – Language display (full graphic and full color display)
    – Machine condition, error code and tool mode setting information
    – Start-up level check for engine oil, engine coolant and hydraulic oil
    – Warning, filter/fluid change and working hour information
    – Fuel consumption meter

  • Grease Lubricated Track with PPR2 GLT4, resin seal
  • Heavy duty track roller
  • Track motor guards
  • Towing eye on base frame
  • Heavy duty bottom guard
  • Swivel guard

  • Cab and boom lights with time delay
  • Halogen boom light
  • Exterior lights integrated into storage box

  • 9.0 t counterweight

  • Product Link
  • Rearview and side-view cameras
  • Cat Grade Control (2D)
  • Cat Production Measurement

352F XE Optional Equipment

  • Electric refueling pump with auto shut off
  • Jump start receptacle

  • Bio oil
  • Smart Boom
  • HP hydraulic lines for boom and stick
  • MP hydraulic lines for boom and stick

  • Cab front rain protector
  • Windshield:
    – 70-30 split, sliding, removable lower windshield with in cab storage bracket
    – One-piece, fixed

  • Cold weather starting package, 240V, –32° C
  • Travel alarm

  • 600 mm triple grouser shoes
  • 600 mm double grouser shoes
  • 750 mm triple grouser shoes
  • 900 mm triple grouser shoes

  • Track guiding guards:
    – Full length, two pieces
  • FOGS (Falling Object Guards), bolt-on

  • HD 6.9 m Reach boom
    – HD R3.35TB stick
  • Bucket linkage
    – TB family (without lifting eye)
    – Bucket cylinder guard

  • Working lights, cab mounted with time delay
  • Halogen boom lights