6060/6060 FS   Hydraulic Mining Shovels

6060 AC/6060 AC FS

Engine Output - SAE J1995
Cat 3512C - 2236 kW (2,996 hp)
Cat 3512C - 2236 kW (2,996 hp)
Electric Motor - Output
1800 kW (2,414 hp)
1800 kW (2,414 hp)
Standard Bucket Capacity
Face Shovel (heaped 2:1) - 34.0 m³ (44.5 yd³); Backhoe (heaped 1:1) - 34.0 m³ (44.5 yd³)
Face Shovel (heaped 2:1) - 34.0 m³ (44.5 yd³); Backhoe (heaped 1:1) - 34.0 m³ (44.5 yd³)

Product Specifications for 6060 AC/6060 AC FS


Diesel Engines

Electrical System

Retractable Service Station

Operator's Cab


Hydraulic System with Pump Managing System

Hydraulic Oil Cooling

Swing System


Automatic Lubrication System

Operating Weights




Operating Specifications

Electric Motor - 6060 AC/6060 AC FS

Electric Motor

Standard Bucket Capacity

6060 AC/6060 AC FS Optional Equipment


  • Custom paint


  • Hydraulic service crane on superstructure with auxiliary engine
  • Two round containers for two standard 200 L (53 gal) barrels (instead of 1000 L [264 gal] grease container)
  • Folding type access stairway (Stairway angle approximately 45°)
  • Power Factor correction
  • Starting aid transformer
  • Various cold-weather options


  • Dual (redundancy) heating ventilating and air conditioning system
  • Cab heating
  • Camera monitoring system


  • Track pad width 1600 mm (5 ft 3 in) or 1800 mm (5 ft 11 in)
  • Cover plate under carbody (belly plate)
  • 300 m (984 ft) trailing cable


  • Additional optional equipment available on request.

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