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793D Mining Truck


Engine Model 3516B HD EUI 3516B HD EUI Less
Gross Power - SAE J1995 2415.0 HP 1801.0 kW Less
Rated Power 1750.0 HP 1750.0 kW Less
Net Power - ISO 9249 2337.0 HP 1743.0 kW Less
Net Power - 80/1269/EEC 2337.0 HP 1743.0 kW Less
Torque Rise 23.0 % 23.0 % Less
Bore 6.7 in 170.0 mm Less
Stroke 8.5 in 215.0 mm Less
Displacement 4760.0 in³ 78.0 l Less
Net Power 2337.4 HP 1743.0 kW Less
Net Power - SAE J1349 2337.0 HP 1743.0 kW Less

Weights - Approximate

Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) 846000.0 lb 383749.0 kg Less
Chassis Weight 257294.0 lb 116707.0 kg Less
Body Weight Range 21 795 - 54 431 kg / 48,050 - 120,000 lb 21 795 - 54 431 kg / 48,050 - 120,000 lb Less

Operating Specifications

Nominal Payload Capacity 240.0 ton (US) 218.0 ton (US) Less
Body Capacity - SAE 2:1 169.0 yd³ 129.0 m³ Less
Top Speed - Loaded 33.7 mile/h 54.3 km/h Less
Maximum Payload Capacity 214.56 ton (US) 218.0 ton (US) Less
Maximum Payload Capacity Custom Custom Less
Steer Angle 36.0 ° 36.0 ° Less
Raise Time 20.3 s 20.3 s Less
Lower Time 17.5 s 17.5 s Less
Turning Circle - Clearance Diameter 107.15 ft 32.66 m Less
Turning Radius - Front 93.2 ft 28.42 m Less

Final Drives

Differential Ratio 1:8:1 1:8:1 Less
Planetary Ratio 16:1 16:1 Less
Total Reduction Ratio 28.8:1 28.8:1 Less


Forward - 1 7.3 mile/h 11.8 km/h Less
Forward - 2 9.9 mile/h 15.9 km/h Less
Forward - 3 13.4 mile/h 21.5 km/h Less
Forward - 4 18.1 mile/h 29.0 km/h Less
Forward - 5 24.5 mile/h 39.4 km/h Less
Forward - 6 33.7 mile/h 54.3 km/h Less
Reverse 6.8 mile/h 10.9 km/h Less


Effective Cylinder Stroke - Front 5.2 in 130.5 mm Less
Effective Cylinder Stroke - Rear 4.2 in 105.5 mm Less
Rear axle - Oscillation +/- 4.9º +/- 4.9º Less

Body Hoists

Pump Flow - High Idle 224.0 gal/min 846.0 l/min Less
Relief Valve Setting - Raise 2955.0 psi 20370.0 kPa Less
Body Raise Time - High Idle 20.25 s 20.25 s Less
Body Lower Time - Float 19.26 s 19.26 s Less
Body Power Down - High Idle 17.51 s 17.51 s Less


Outside Diameter 34.5 in 874.5 mm Less
Brake Surface - Rear 20847.0 in² 134500.0 cm² Less
Standards J-ISO 3450 JAN88, ISO 3450:1996 J-ISO 3450 JAN88, ISO 3450:1996 Less
Brake Surface - Front 13921.0 in² 89817.0 cm² Less

Weight Distributions - Approximate

Front Axle - Loaded 33.0 % 33.0 % Less
Rear Axle - Loaded 67.0 % 67.0 % Less
Front Axle - Empty 46.0 % 46.0 % Less
Rear Axle - Empty 54.0 % 54.0 % Less

Capacity - Dual Slope - 100% Fill Factor

Struck 126.0 yd³ 96.0 m³ Less
Heaped (SAE 2:1) 169.0 yd³ 129.0 m³ Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank - Standard 1150.0 gal (US) 4354.0 l Less
Fuel Tank - Optional 1300.0 gal (US) 4922.0 l Less
Cooling System 257.0 gal (US) 973.0 l Less
Crankcase 70.0 gal (US) 265.0 l Less
Rear Axle - Housing 270.0 gal (US) 1022.0 l Less
Steering Tank 60.0 gal (US) 227.0 l Less
Steering System - Including Tank 90.0 gal (US) 341.0 l Less
Brake/Hoist Hydraulic Tank 203.0 gal (US) 769.0 l Less
Brake Hoist System - Includes Tank 363.0 gal (US) 1375.0 l Less
Torque Converter - Transmission Sump 27.0 gal (US) 102.0 l Less
Torque Converter/Transmission System - Including Sump 50.0 gal (US) 189.0 l Less


Standard Tires 40.00R57 40.00R57 Less


Front Canopy Height 21.31 ft 6494.0 mm Less
Height - Top of ROPS 18.32 ft 5584.0 mm Less
Overall Body Length 42.17 ft 12862.0 mm Less
Inside Body Length 25.3 ft 7712.0 mm Less
Overall Length 42.2 ft 12862.0 mm Less
Wheel Base 19.37 ft 5905.0 mm Less
Rear Axle - Tail 12.38 ft 3772.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 3.3 ft 1005.0 mm Less
Dump Clearance 4.48 ft 1364.0 mm Less
Loading Height - Empty 19.26 ft 5871.0 mm Less
Inside Body Depth - Maximum 7.64 ft 2330.0 mm Less
Overall Height - Body Raised 43.02 ft 13113.0 mm Less
Operating Width 25.17 ft 7680.0 mm Less
Centerline Front Tire Width 18.41 ft 5610.0 mm Less
Engine Guard Clearance 4.25 ft 1294.0 mm Less
Overall Canopy Width 25.2 ft 7680.0 mm Less
Outside Body Width 25.17 ft 7680.0 mm Less
Inside Body Width 21.33 ft 6500.0 mm Less
Rear Axle - Clearance 3.66 ft 1128.0 mm Less
Centerline of Rear Dual Tire Width 16.25 ft 4963.0 mm Less
Overall Tire Width 24.92 ft 7605.0 mm Less


ROPS Standards .ISO 3471:1994 .ISO 3471:1994 Less


Sound Standards .ANSI/SAE J1166 MAY90 .ANSI/SAE J1166 MAY90 Less


Steering Standards SAE J1511 OCT90, ISO 5010:1992 SAE J1511 OCT90, ISO 5010:1992 Less

Power Train - Engine

The Cat 3516B High Displacement engine is built for power, reliability and efficiency for superior performance in the toughest applications. The field-proven engine delivers high horsepower, superior fuel efficiency, lower emissions, reduced engine noise and lower operating costs.

Power Train - Merchandising Arrangements

The 793D is available in four different normal altitude configurations and one arrangement for high altitude operations. All configurations include key components matched to performance requirements in specific applications and conditions.

Power Train - Transmission

The Cat six-speed power shift transmission and mechanical power train, matched with the electronic unit injection 3516B high displacement engine, provides consistent power and efficiency for peak power train performance.

Engine/Power Train Integration

The Cat Data Link electronically combines engine, transmission, brake and operational information to optimize overall truck performance. Stored diagnostic data can be accessed via the Electronic Technician (Cat ET) to improve troubleshooting and reduce downtime.

Caterpillar Brake System

Cat oil-cooled, multiple disc brakes offer exceptional, fade-resistant braking and retarding for maximum performance and productivity in all haul road conditions. Integrated Braking Control combines retarding and traction control into one system for optimum braking efficiency.


Caterpillar truck frames are built to optimize torsional load displacement. Mild steel provides flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads. Castings and forgings in high stress areas provide exceptional strength and durability for long life.

Monitoring System

The VIMS™ monitoring system provides operators, service technicians and mine personnel with vital machine health and payload data to keep the 793D performing at peak efficiency and top production levels while lowering cost-per-ton.

Truck Body Systems

A variety of Caterpillar designed and built truck bodies ensure optimal performance and reliability in tough mining applications. Cat dealers can help build an optimum hauling system to maximize truck payloads and extend body and truck wear life.

Customer Support

Caterpillar dealers provide unmatched product support, anywhere in the world. With the best part availability in the world and a wide range of maintenance and service options, Cat dealers have what it takes to keep your mining machine productive.

Operator's Station

The ergonomic cab is designed for operator comfort and ease of operation to allow the operator to focus on production. Controls and gauges are positioned within easy reach for optimum efficiency and superior control.


The 793D is designed for quick and easy servicing. Simplified service and maintenance features reduce downtime, allowing the machine to spend less time being serviced and more time on the haul roads.


Caterpillar sets the standard when it comes to safety in the design and manufacturing of heavy equipment for the mining industry. Safety is not an afterthought at Caterpillar, but an integral part of all machine and systems designs.