Cat Three60 Pod 650

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So easy to use you’ll be an expert navigator on day one, the intuitive Cat Three60 Pod 650 control system can be configured with up to three lever-head, button-panel and steering-helm stations and up to six joystick stations. There is also an option for Palm Beach control stations. Three60 Hold (Station Keeping) comes standard.


An innovation that sets a new standard for transmission performance. Twin Disc® QuickShift™ technology makes shifting in any direction – including from forward to reverse –completely seamless. It also gives you precise control at slow speeds, while adding power, either all at once or incrementally, is always unbelievably smooth. No driveline shock.

Cat Three60 Pod 650 Standard Equipment

Electrical System
  • Master controller (one per system)
  • Powertrain controller (one per Pod)
  • Digital lever control head and buttonpanel (min. 1 - max. 3): Dual-lever or Palm Beach styletop mount as standard
  • Integrated digital steering helm(min. 1 - max. 3): Three different steering wheel finishes
  • Digital joystick (min. 1 - max. 6): Forward- or aft-facing joystick as standard
  • Integrated color touchscreen display (min. 1 - max. 3)

Joystick and Lever Head
  • The joystick and the lever head provide smooth operation and high confidence when maneuvering, using two modes: 
    - Lever head controls the Pod propeller drive trains
    - Digital steering helm controls Pod vectoring
    - Intuitive fingertip movements of the joystick control engine speed, gear and Pod angle for precise maneuvering at slow speeds

Mechanical System
  • 12 or 24 Volt system configurations
  • 2.17:1 gear ratio
  • Contra-rotating propellers
  • Breakaway lower unit
  • Replaceable nose cone and skeg
  • Optional PTO

Cat Three60 Pod 650 Optional Equipment

Electrical System
  • Interface to popular autopilot systems