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Based on the successful M 43 C MaK medium speed engine, the M 46 DF was designed by Caterpillar Motoren, Kiel, to meet and exceed reliability and lifetime expectations of its predecessor, while maintaining its class leading position regarding operational efficiency. With its clean design, the M 46 DF allows a fast and easy access to the system and components, supporting operation, service and maintenance simplicity MaK products are known for. Designed to operate on gaseous- as well as liquid (MDO HFO) fuels, the M 46 DF meets IMO III emission limits while operating in gas mode and injecting a small amount of ignition fuel to control combustion. Attention was paid to the customers´ demand for a safe and reliable operation at varying engine loads and gas qualities.

Generator Set Specifications

Minimum Rating 5179 kWe (6480 kVA) 5179 kWe (6480 kVA) Less
Maximum Rating 8329 kWe (10422 kVA) 8329 kWe (10422 kVA) Less

Engine Specifications

Bore 16.93 in 460.0 mm Less
Stroke 24.02 in 610.0 mm Less
Configuration 6,7,8,9 Cylinder 6,7,8,9 Cylinder Less
Swept Volume 5406.704 in³ 88.6 l/cyl Less

Generator Set Configurations

Emissions/Fuel Strategy IMO II in diesel mode, IMO III in gas mode IMO II in diesel mode, IMO III in gas mode Less

Generator Set Dimensions and Weights - Dependent on Generator Type

Height 6278 mm - 6649 mm (247.2 in - 261.8 in) 6278 mm - 6649 mm (247.2 in - 261.8 in) Less
Length 12202 mm - 14459 mm (480.4 in - 569.3 in) 12202 mm - 14459 mm (480.4 in - 569.3 in) Less
Weight 178 t - 240 t (392422 lbs - 529109 lbs) 178 t - 240 t (392422 lbs - 529109 lbs) Less
Width 3400 mm (133.9 in) 3400 mm (133.9 in) Less