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For variable shaft speeds and easy reversing, a Cat® Azimuth Thruster (Controllable pitch) gives you maximum reliability and minimum downtime. Reliable, easy to service, and ultra-efficient, a Cat® Azimuth Thruster is designed to give you unparalleled flexibility and performance. Meeting customer preferences has been key to the development of the Azimuth Thruster. It is available with controllable or fixed pitch propellers, and in either Z- or L-drive configurations; it can be powered by any power source, and its turning system can be either electric or hydraulic. The blade and hub materials are either bronze or stainless steel. Based on a modular principle, most components are used in other Caterpillar Propulsion products so you can be sure of a proven and reliable design. Other benefits include low levels of noise and vibration as well as simplified installation and maintenance.

Propeller Diameter 1100-3400 mm 1100-3400 mm Less
Shaft Power 500-3500 kW 500-3500 kW Less
Pitch Controllable Pitch Controllable Pitch Less