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Caterpillar can help you navigate the challenges in the oil and gas industry, including global competition, tightening emission standards, and high productivity demands. The Cat® C175 delivers more reliable power in less space than any other generator set in its class. As efficient as it is powerful, this compact package will make a huge impact on your rig's performance. The proven success of the 3500 series engines forms the foundation of the Cat C175 diesel engine. Low owning and operating costs, high endurance components, and outstanding serviceability add to the innovations. The Cat Alarm and Protection System integrates with dual ADEM A4 engine control modules to provide redundant engine control, generator set protection, and a simple operator interface. Cat generator sets are backed by the worldwide network of Cat dealers ready to support your operation with technical support, service, parts, and warranty. Cat C175-16 offshore generator set. Ratings: 1833-2660 ekW 2619-3325 kVA) @ 50/60 Hz (1500/1200/1800 rpm). U.S. EPA Marine Tier 2 certified and IMO Tier II emissions compliant.

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating 2619.0 kV·A 1833.0 ekW Less
Maximum Rating 3325.0 kV·A 2660.0 ekW Less
Emissions Available in IMO Tier II/ EPA Marine Tier 2 configurations Available in IMO Tier II/ EPA Marine Tier 2 configurations Less
Aspiration Turbocharged/2-stage aftercooled Turbocharged/2-stage aftercooled Less
Bore 6.89 in 175.0 mm Less
Displacement 5167.0 in³ 85.0 l Less
Engine Control Dual ADEM™ A4 Dual ADEM™ A4 Less
Fuel System Common Rail/EUI™ Common Rail/EUI™ Less
Generator Set Control MPD 3.0 / Cat® Alarm and Protection System MPD 3.0 / Cat® Alarm and Protection System Less
Oil Change Interval 1000.0 h 1000.0 h Less
Stroke 8.66 in 220.0 mm Less
Weight 53599.0 lb 24312.0 null Less
Speed 1200/1500/1800 rpm 1200/1500/1800 rpm Less


Height 50 Hz - 2928 (115 in) / 60 Hz - 2916 mm ( 115 in) 50 Hz - 2928 (115 in) / 60 Hz - 2916 mm ( 115 in) Less
Length 50 Hz - 6782 mm (267 in) / 60 Hz - 6742 mm (265 in) 50 Hz - 6782 mm (267 in) / 60 Hz - 6742 mm (265 in) Less
Width 50 Hz - 2413 mm (95 in) / 60 Hz - 2125 mm (84 in) 50 Hz - 2413 mm (95 in) / 60 Hz - 2125 mm (84 in) Less

Capacity for Liquids

Cooling System - Engine 92.0 gal (US) 77.0 l Less
Lube Oil System - Refill 250.0 gal (US) 946.0 l Less

Product Design

- Industry-leading power density for growing offshore power demands - IMO Tier II emissions compliant - High pressure electronic unit injection maximizes fuel efficiency, performance, while maintaining emission standards - Cat® Alarm and Protection System provides the latest technology in generator set control, protection, and operator interface MCS type approval

Ease of Installation

- Inner-outer base mounting design with vibration isolators for simplified rig integration - Package design provides single-lift installation to reduce shipyard installation complexity

Custom Packaging

For any petroleum application, trust Caterpillar to meet your project needs with custom factory generator sets and mechanical packages. Cat engines, generators, controls, radiators, and transmissions can be custom designed and matched in collaboration with our local dealers to create unique solutions. Custom packages are globally supported and are covered by a one year warranty after startup.

Full Range of Attachments

Large variety of factory-installed attachments increases application flexibility and reduces installation time.


- Every unit is full-load tested to ensure proper package performance - Full range of factory tests and reports are available including performance, torsional-vibration analysis, fuel consumption, engine, and generator special tests

Unmatched Product Support Offered Through the Worldwide Cat Dealer Network

- More than 2,200 dealer outlets - Cat factory-trained dealer technicians service every aspect of your Cat product - Caterpillar parts and labor warranty - Preventive maintenance agreements available for repair before failure. - S•O•SSM program matches your oil sample to Caterpillar set standards to determine: • Internal engine component condition • Presence of unwanted fluids and combustion by-products • Site-specific oil change interval

Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience

Ownership of these manufacturing processes enables Caterpillar to produce high quality, dependable products.

Web Site

For all your petroleum power requirements, visit www.catoilandgas.cat.com.

C175-16Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Dual turbochargers
  • Corrosion-resistant aftercooler core
  • Air cleaners — single or dual element

Exhaust System
  • Dry exhaust manifolds with thermo-laminated heat shields
  • Dual turbochargers with water-cooled bearings and thermo-laminated heat shields
  • Vertical exhaust outlet
  • Flange and exhaust expanders

Cooling System
  • Separate-circuit-aftercooler (SCAC) and jacket water (JW) circuit cooling system
  • Gear-driven centrifugal pumps, one for each circuit
  • SCAC electronic thermostat, outlet-controlled with aftercooler inlet temperature sensing
  • JW electronic thermostat, outlet-controlled with outlet temperature sensing
  • Engine oil cooler in JW circuit

Fuel System
  • Cat common rail high-pressure fuel system with electronically controlled unit injectors
  • Duplex primary fuel filter with water separator
  • Duplex secondary/tertiary fuel filters
  • Electric fuel priming pump
  • Gear-driven low pressure transfer pump
  • Gear-driven high pressure transfer pump
  • Double-walled high pressure fuel lines
  • Fuel pressure, temperature, and leak detection sensors

Lubrication System
  • Engine-driven, gear-type oil pump
  • Integral lube oil cooler
  • Front-mounted oil drain lines and valve
  • Oil sampling valve
  • Filler and dipstick
  • Four-canister simplex oil filter
  • Prelube pump — electric, air, or custom
  • Fumes disposal with crankcase breathers
  • Crankcase explosion relief valves

Engine Control and Protection
  • Dual ADEM A4 engine control unit (ECU) for redundancy
  • Software monitors engine parameters and performs alarm, derate, and shutdown functions
  • Rigid wiring harness
  • Marine Power Display 3.0 (MPD 3.0)

  • Inner-outer base with vibration isolators

  • Kato brushless permanent magnet 6P6.6-3200 HR
  • 2-bearing, close-coupled arrangement
  • 60 Hz, 600V, 0.7 PF
  • UL/CSA listed, IP23

Flywheel and Coupling
  • Flywheel housing, SAE No. 00
  • Flywheel, SAE No. 00
  • ABS certified, non-certified, or custom-coupling and coupling mounting
  • Free-standing or close-coupled generator set arrangements

Starting System
  • Turbine air starter or
  • Dual electric starting motors or
  • Air and electric starting motors (redundant)

  • Power distribution box — 24V or custom
  • 20A battery charger
  • Cat yellow paint
  • Offshore oil field sub-base
  • Integral spring isolators with limit stop
  • Lift provisions on base
  • Oil drain extension
  • Engine length drip pan with drain
  • Torsional dampened driveline couplings

C175-16Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Air cleaner service indicator

Cooling System
  • 9 kW, 240V, 60 hz jacket water heater
  • Custom jacket water heater

Fuel System
  • Four canister duplex oil filter

Engine Control and Protection
  • Cat Alarm and Protection System
  • Communication module PL1000T/E
  • Direct-rack control
  • Thermocouples
  • Metal particle detector
  • SOLAS spray shielding

  • Custom I-beam base with vibration isolators

  • Custom generator

  • TVA report
  • Special tests
  • Project-specific installation drawings
  • P&ID-electrical drawings
  • Spare parts kit
  • Barring group
  • Engine lifting group
  • Custom generators and radiators