Control Costs

Equipment management cuts the fat.

Equipment management can help you reduce the ownership and operating costs of your equipment in many ways. For example, remote monitoring and reducing idle time reduces fuel burn. And timely equipment alerts ensure that you catch small problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

Equipment management can also play a key role in reducing the costs of other aspects of your business, such as fuel and staff expenses.

EM Services is ready to help you control the costs of running daily business.

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Cat® customer Malcolm Long describes how he uses Cat Product Link to reduce service costs by tracking maintenance schedules and pre-ordering parts for his company's construction equipment.

6 Ways Equipment Data Can Help You Cut Costs | Caterpillar®

Control Costs

Using the data generated by your equipment puts money in your pocket by helping you keep your equipment in top shape and avoid unplanned downtime. Here are six ways to make the most of your data to help manage your equipment and reduce operating costs.

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How You Can Use Equipment Management to Improve Margins

The cyclical nature of the construction industry makes maintaining margins a constant challenge. One way to combat the many pressures facing your business is through effective equipment management. It can do a lot to reduce costs, boost efficiency and substantially improve your bottom line.

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How much is idle time costing you? | Caterpillar®

If your machine runs 2,000 hours per year, what percentage of that time are you actually doing productive work? Non-productive hours can translate into a lot of wasted fuel: 1 GALLON OR MORE EVERY HOUR. This chart shows you how fast the numbers add up.

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