6 Ways Equipment Data Can Help You Cut Equipment Costs

Using the data generated by your equipment puts money in your pocket by helping you to keep your equipment in top shape and avoiding unplanned downtime. Here are six ways to make the most of your data to help manage your equipment and reduce operating costs.

1. Preventive Maintenance

Take advantage of electronic alerts to schedule and complete all recommended maintenance and service.

2. S•O•SSM Fluid Analysis

Sample oil, coolant and hydraulic fluids regularly. Have your Cat® dealer analyse them for wear indicators, then act quickly on the results and recommendations from your dealer’s Condition Monitoring Advisor (CMA).

3. Inspections

Check for smoke, leaks, lagging performance and suchlike frequently. Send electronic inspection reports to your Cat dealer for use in a condition monitoring programme.

4. Repair Before Failure

Use equipment data and electronic alerts to catch minor problems early. Schedule repairs quickly to avoid breakdowns and keep repair costs low.

5. Operator Training

Operating practices dramatically influence performance and component wear. Remotely monitor your operators’ day-to-day performance to discover training opportunities and reward good performance.

6. Record Keeping

Automatically gather data on machine history, component life and operating costs. Good records help you to identify high-cost or problem areas, track workflow, control expenses and increase machine resale value.

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