5 Ways How Using Equipment Data Can Help to Improve Your Operations

5 Ways How Using Equipment Data Can Help to Improve Your Operations

Heavy equipment is the muscle of your construction business. Using machine data to manage your fleet will help to keep your operations in shape and make your business more competitive.


1. Look for Excess Idle Time

Use equipment data to compare idle and working time, then move equipment around to keep it busy.

2. Size Your Fleet Correctly

Idle time tracking can tell you when you can cope with fewer machines and still manage your work. It will also help you to see where you need to add a machine to reduce work bottlenecks.

3. Get The Big Picture

Collate all your fleet data together in one place. Gaining a big picture fleet overview can help you to identify duplicated efforts and inefficient maintenance practices.

4. Plan Service to Avoid Surprises

Use electronic scheduling to plan servicing and maintenance downtime around your production schedule. Don’t wait for a machine to break down unexpectedly and stop your work in its tracks.

5. Train Your Operators to Be Aware

Ensure that your operators to pay attention to in-cab equipment alerts. Quick action by an operator can help keep a machine out of the repair shop and on the job.

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