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Equipment management adds insight to managing people.

Any equipment management programme must take the skills of the people most aware of the needs of the machine—the operators into account. Equipment data accessible via VisionLink helps you see when machines are being misused and which operators may need more training. And by tracking service and maintenance schedules precisely, you can ensure that your service personnel remains busy without becoming overtasked.

You may also want to let your Cat® dealer handle some of your service and maintenance needs, also providing you with more time and valuable personnel resources for other matters. EM Services is ready to help your staff to contribute to your success even more every day.

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How can I reduce the costs of running my equipment? Control Costs
What can I do to achieve more each day? Improve Operations
How do I work around everyday uncertainties? Reduce Risk

Cat® customer David Martinez describes how he uses Cat equipment management technology to track machine locations over multiple job sites to ensure that they're being operated by authorized personnel.

3 New Ways to Manage Your Operators | Caterpillar®

Manage resources

The data generated by your equipment gives you new ways to monitor the skills and efficiency of your operators. Here are four ways to use machine data to help them work more efficiently and take better care of your valuable equipment.

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How You Can Use Equipment Managment to Improve Margins

The cyclical nature of the construction industry makes maintaining margins a constant challenge. One way to combat the many pressures facing your business is through effective equipment management. It can do a lot to reduce costs, boost efficiency and substantially improve your bottom line.

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Smooth Operators Save You Money | Caterpillar®

Smooth, controlled machine operation is easier on your equipment and fuel bills. Proper operating techniques improve fuel efficiency while reducing wear and tear on engines, transmissions, tires and undercarriage. Plus (and a big plus), they improve jobsite safety.

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