4 Risks You Can Mitigate with Good Equipment Management

4 Risks You Can Mitigate with Good Equipment Management

Construction is a risky business. Effectively managing your equipment is one way to lessen the impact of some existing day-to-day risks.


1. Weather Delays

By knowing what machines are available at all times and exactly where they are located, you’ll be better prepared to quickly respond to and recover from weather-related delays.

2. Breakdowns

Keeping up with preventive maintenance is the single best way to avoid major machine failure. Also, take full advantage of electronic alerts and machine data to help to discover small problems before they can cause larger issues.

3. Cash Flow Crunches

Major repairs and early machine replacements cripple your cash flow. Good equipment management helps you to maximise uptime and extend machine life.

4. Delay Penalties

Next to the weather, nothing puts you behind schedule faster than the loss of a machine. A good equipment database helps you reallocate equipment in case of emergencies. It will also show you when you might need to rent some equipment to ensure that you receive a completion bonus.

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