Gas Compression Production Gain


What Happened?
The site had a 1500 HP, 1200 rpm engine with a three stage reciprocating gas compressor, in a sweet gas gathering service. The operations engineer was doing his weekly review of compressor flow rates by using the Curves screen in Productivity Optimizer. Optimizer showed that there was a potential gain of 1.5 mmscfd at this particular station.

What Was the Underlying Cause?
An increase in pressure from the supply wells had gone unnoticed. Optimizer’s analysis of the operational data and the equipment’s design capabilities resulted in an opportunity to improve the volumetric efficiency of the stage one cylinders; VVPKT’s adjusted from 65% open to 25% open and to increase the engine speed by 75 rpm.

What Was the Value to the Customer?
The engineer was able to increase the flow rate and profit at the site.

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Oil & Gas Customer Stories gas compression production gain

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