Build a high-performance safety culture.

Together we can improve safety on your site, using technology, education and communication to drive a culture of safety excellence.

Leverage safety technology

The right technology can enhance operator awareness, improve visibility and keep workers away from dangerous conditions. Our technology solutions:

  • Add discipline and consistency to the way you inspect, maintain and service your fleet
  • Reduce the number of surveyors on site with automated grade and compaction control systems
  • Improve operator awareness with object detection technologies
  • Detect operator fatigue and distraction with in-cab systems that alert drivers and dispatchers to potential problems
Improve operator competency

Customized educational programs help your operators sharpen their skills and develop a deeper understanding of machine capabilities and limitations. Work with us to:

  • Conduct site-specific training based on your fleet makeup, your operators’ skill level and other challenges unique to your business
  • Use the data from your equipment, combined with advanced analytics and our product and application expertise, to spot potential safety issues and resolve them efficiently
Elevate your safety culture

Safety culture starts with leadership and extends to the front line. To foster an even stronger safety culture, work with us to:

  • Conduct a quantitative survey of employee attitudes and beliefs, so you have the data you need to develop fact-based improvement plans.
  • Hold cultural workshops that build positive work environments and promote safety excellence
  • Solve quality issues systematically and efficiently with Rapid Improvement Workshops
Safely home, everyone, everywhere

Collaborate with Caterpillar Job Site Solutions for:

  • Decades of application, operation and safety expertise
  • Fact-based plans and custom training programs
  • Proven methodologies that elevate your safety culture
  • Focus on execution, communication and continuous improvement

Reduce Risk

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