Leadership Roundtable

Leadership Roundtable

Only after the highest level of decision-makers understand what’s necessary to transform a culture can real change begin. The ZIP™ Leadership Roundtable is prescribed as the first step in Caterpillar Safety Services’ culture-change process because of how it brings together the management team to ask the tough questions: What do we believe vs. what we say we believe? Is attention to detail applied to safety in the same way as finance? Are near misses celebrated and put to use? Are you any closer to sustainable zero-incident performance?

With a Caterpillar Safety Services-facilitated work session, your executive team is better able to rally around the basics of the unique workplace culture, while gathering the insight to engage your most powerful catalyst of all: involvement.

A Caterpillar Safety Services specialist facilitates the Roundtable to open a dialog behind “what needs to happen” for setting into motion an internally-led continuous improvement initiative. An experienced safety consultant also explains how proven accountability concepts elevate safety leadership, heighten awareness, overcome complacency and keep people from harm. The result is an enhanced perspective on how and why heightened risk awareness demands the same level of urgency as quality control, cost containment and delivery goals.

  • Learn the Six Criteria for Safety Excellence.
  • Agree on strengths and weaknesses where the organization wants to go.
  • Reach a clear understanding of management’s role and commitment.
  • Agree to next steps for why, when and how to implement change.


Our safety experts offer a number of consulting services to help you institute a culture of safety on your site.

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Caterpillar Safety Services uses industry best practices and proven processes to help elevate customers to the next level on their safety journey.

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