Caterpillar Customer Is A Big Fan

Caterpillar Customer Is A Big Fan

"I have been dealing with Cat® machines for more than 23 years! When the port purchased its first Cat wheel loader in 1989, I was responsible for the equipment maintenance," says Caterpillar customer Zhou Xingyi who has been responsible for the Qingdao Port Group's Qiangang Company's equipment repair and maintenance for more than three decades. "We don't need to spend much on repairing Cat wheel loaders. Not only do they rarely have problems, but the service provided by Cat dealer Lei Shing Hong Machinery (LSHM) is very regular, so they solve any issues before they become a problem and share with us a lot of machine usage and maintenance information. The service life of Cat wheel loaders is very long. Now in Qingdao Port, we still have Cat wheel loaders from 1992 operational — their service life on average is more than 10 years longer than that of similar products."

"Compared to other similar brands, the quality of Cat wheel loaders is excellent; they are the best at hard work and very reliable. Normal production is seldom delayed by the failure of Cat wheel loaders. The ore dispatch volume keeps increasing at the port, and Cat equipment is awesome to use, saving me a lot of trouble."

At Qingdao port, the H-series Cat wheel loaders have proved the value of their scientific design and sophisticated manufacturing, so far putting in a total of 228,000 working hours at the port.

"You see," says Zhou, "the Cat machine has never failed us during more than 20 years of service, and I have become a big fan."

Caterpillar customer Zhou Xingyi
Caterpillar customer Zhou Xingyi on his 980H Wheel Loader