Cat® Parts Availability and Service Support is Key to Coakley Company’s Performance

Cat® Parts Availability and Service Support is Key to Coakley Company’s Performance

Batteries, filters, hydraulic hoses, bucket teeth, rollers, tracks, pins, bushings and sprockets are just a sampling of the parts that Coakley Company mechanic Ted Wilcox might need in short order on the job. “All the parts we need I order from Caterpillar,” he said. “And they’re exceptional.”

Caterpillar’s parts availability and service support is instrumental to Wilcox because he’s responsible for keeping the utility and excavating company’s fleet of equipment running. That means the backhoes, dozers and excavators start with ease every morning and can power through tough jobs, like installing sewer and water mains using trench excavation, for 10 hours or more every day.

But if there’s ever a situation where there’s a demand for a part, company president Kevin Coakley puts his confidence in Caterpillar: “We can look that part up at five in the evening, call our dealer … (and) it will be in the drop box the next day.” Knowing he will receive the right part, at the right time, in the right place, with over 98 percent availability within 24 hours is why he’s used Cat® equipment for his business the last 20 years. “I chose Cat because Cat equipment holds their value, are reliable, quality equipment, and parts are easily available,” Coakley said. “If Cat has a backorder on parts that means they will have it in one day, unlike their competitors, which could mean three to 10 days. But it’s not very often Cat does not have the parts in stock.”

The support the men receive from Caterpillar providing quality parts and quick service allows them to focus on other important aspects of the job and running a business. “They understand construction and that time is money when our equipment is not operating,” said Coakley.

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