Mega Machines = Maximum Value

Mega Machines = Maximum Value

For nearly 40 years, Mega Corporation, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been manufacturing products in combination with on-highway trucks and off-highway trucks, tow tractors, articulated trucks and wheel tractor scrapers for use in the construction and mining industries worldwide. Their extensive product portfolio includes water and fuel trucks, coal tankers, bottom dump trailers, equipment transports, specialty dumper bodies, mobile pumps and elevating scrapers.

“Mega chooses to work with products that customers are asking for, and by and large customers request Cat® equipment for most of the products that we make.  Caterpillar is the market share leader in all of the product categories that we’re manufacturing our equipment for,” says Mega president Jim Kunz.  

Mega manufactures a line of heavy equipment transport trailers designed to work with tow tractors based on the Cat Off-Highway Truck Bare Chassis.


The Mega Equipment Trailer is custom designed to fit dozers, excavators, shovels and other heavy equipment to prevent/reduce undercarriage maintenance on machines found in mines and on large earthmoving projects.


The Mega Equipment Trailer (MET) can be custom designed to fit dozers, excavators, shovels and other heavy equipment found in mines and on large earthmoving projects. Using an MET helps prevent and/or reduce expensive undercarriage maintenance that can result from repositioning large track machines within mine sites.

The simple and rugged gooseneck-type design includes the components necessary to convert the truck chassis into a tow vehicle—including the hitch system, deck, fender, hydraulic system and brake control software. Mega trailers are equipped with trailing axles utilizing Cat off-highway truck wheel groups including oil-cooled brakes and Cat brake control components.

Kunz adds, “Caterpillar OEM Solutions gives us a window into Caterpillar. They’ve got the engineering, product support, warranty administration and sales support that you’d expect in any kind of a business. That gives Mega a pathway to work with Caterpillar that covers all the bases.”

“Mega has a reputation for providing a quality product that’s backed up by the best dealer support network in the world. We take advantage of that and work through that support network to provide the best overall value for our products to our customers.”




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Many manufacturers rely on Caterpillar OEM Solutions for partial configurations, or systems and first-fit components, to create unique equipment to meet the needs of your projects.

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