Mapleton's modern blasting technology (three programmable, rotary shot-blasts and an automated liner blast) insures the best internal cleanliness possible. Heads and blocks can be stress-relived in one of the six furnaces.

Pattern Shop

Our in-house pattern shop is responsible for making and maintaining the patterns and equipment used to make molds and cores. The pattern shop is also involved in design and development of new castings. State-of-the-art rapid prototyping is also available. Corebox scanning is used on-site for reverse engineering and core/casting verification.

Metallurgical Lab

Our Metallurgical Lab can test chemical composition with its X-Ray unit, optical spectrometer and carbon/sulfur analyzer. Chemical analysis capabilities are further enhanced with our oxygen/nitrogen analyzer and an atomic absorption unit. Multiple metallographs, equipped with digital imaging systems, facilitate microstructural analysis. Casting mechanical properties (including tensile strength, elongation, and hardness) are audited according to customer specifications.

The Met lab has SEM capability for failure analysis and EDS measurements. Testing equipment includes, magnetic particle test booths, portable yoke kits, and ultrasonic test units. Our broad arrangement of equipment can test incoming ferrous and nonferrous materials, analyze iron chemistry and evaluate casting properties.