Caterpillar’s DOC Solution Will Help You Meet the Challenge of Stage V Emissions with Less Expense and Hassle

As the European Union moves on to EU Stage V, the next level of emission standards, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers can count on Caterpillar for a simpler solution. Three large Cat® engine models – the C18, C27 and C32 – with power ratings in the 755 hp – 1125 hp (563 kW – 839 kW) range offer two big advantages. All three models feature diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment, eliminating the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and all the infrastructure that goes with it. They are also dual-certified to meet Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

“These are global engines,” said Mark Borst, Product Marketing Manager of 9- to 13-liter engines. “That means OEMs don’t have to worry about building a Stage V model for the EU and also a U.S. Tier 4 Final machine for North America. Instead, they will have a single engine installation that can be sold into the EU and North America. This truly simplifies OEM machine design, development and inventory management.”

The DOC-only aftertreatment also contributes to greater simplicity. The system streamlines equipment design and installation because it requires less total space claim than a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) requiring a DEF tank. The DOC-only aftertreatment eliminates the need to route lines for DEF and additional wiring harnesses for monitoring and controlling the aftertreatment. Also, the DOC is a maintenance-free item that requires no service until a major engine overhaul.

“By eliminating the need for DEF fluid altogether, the DOC aftertreatment allows end-users to avoid the cost and maintenance requirements that go along with it. That is a powerful selling point,” Borst stated. “Plus, our DEF-free engines are ideal for cold-weather conditions. End-users do not have to worry about taking extra precautions to prevent DEF fluid from freezing when equipment sits outdoors.”

The DOC aftertreatment is available as remote /chassis-mounted for maximum flexibility in installation, or as engine-mounted from the factory for maximum convenience and a more compact size. The engine-mounted solution features a bracket system that has been tested thoroughly to ensure that it meets Caterpillar’s high standards for ruggedness and vibration resistance and further simplifies installation.

“Overall, these engines work in a wide variety of applications, including construction equipment; chippers, grinders and shredders; pumps; larger compressors; and an array of industrial equipment,” Borst added. “We look forward to helping OEMs fulfill the equipment needs of customers around the world.”

The C18, C27 and C32 industrial engines are available now for order.


C18 Industrial Engine C18 Industrial Engine

C18 Industrial Engine

Exceptional power density enables standardization across numerous applications. Features a simple and efficient turbocharger or series turbocharger for high-power applications. Multiple installation options minimize total package size. Ideal for equipment with narrow compartments. Offered in ratings ranging from 755 to 801 hp (563 to 597 kW).

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C27 Industrial Engine C27 Industrial Engine

C27 Industrial Engine

Fuel consumption optimized to match operating cycles of a wide range of equipment and applications while maintaining low operating costs. Offered in ratings ranging from 801 to 1050 hp (597 to 783 kW).

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C32 Industrial Engine C32 Industrial Engine

C32 Industrial Engine

Industry-leading range of factory configurable ratings and options for agricultural, material handling, construction, mining, aircraft ground support and other industrial applications. Offered in ratings ranging from 1000 to 1125 hp (746 to 839 kW).

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