Frequently Asked Questions


Q - This is the first time I have received an encrypted e-mail from Caterpillar, how can I view the encrypted e-mail?

A - You will first have to register your e-mail address. Please follow the instructions for New E-mail Address Registration Process for further details.



Q - I have received encrypted e-mails from Caterpillar before but they were sent to a different e-mail address, will I have to register again?

A - Yes, if you receive an encrypted e-mail from Caterpillar to a different e-mail account that hasn't been registered you will need to go through the New E-mail Address Registration Process



Q - What do I do if I have received an encrypted e-mail and cannot open it because I get error messages such as the following?

  • "Error occurred and message cannot be sender"
  • "System unavailable"
  • "Page cannot be displayed"

A - Messages such as those above may indicate an issue with the security settings at your site, and the security settings in your web browser may need to be modified for you to open the encrypted e-mail. For Internet Explorer 6, use the following instructions to modify the security settings to add as a trusted site:

  1. Open an Internet Explorer browser
  2. Go to Tools → Internet Options
  3. Select the Security tab
  4. Select and highlight 'Trusted sites'
  5. Click the 'Sites' button
  6. Enter in the 'Add this Web site to the zone:' box
  7. Click the 'Add' button
  8. Click the 'OK' button
  9. Click the 'OK' button in the Internet Options window
  10. Close all Internet Explorer windows to ensure the changes take effect



Q - How can I reset my password to my account?

A - Go to the 'Forgot My Password' link to reset your password.



Q - Can a recipient reply to secure e-mail?

A - Yes. When viewing the encrypted e-mail message there will be a Reply button. After you click on the reply button you will see a location to type your response.



Q - Can I send a secure e-mail to a Caterpillar employee?

A - Yes, logon to to compose an encrypted message and send it to a Caterpillar employee's internet e-mail address.