New E-mail Address Registration Process

1. You have received an encrypted message. Proceed with the following steps to unencrypt the e-mail.

2. Download/open the securedoc.html attachment

  •  If you experience any security alerts when trying to download/open the attachment click "yes" to proceed.

3. Click the 'Register' button on the screen.

4. As a first time user you need to register. Please fill out the following form in order to complete the registration process. Keep in mind that a passphrase is a secret phrase you can use to ensure the sender of the email is authentic. Any authentic emails you receive from this sender will have the passphrase you selected appear in the two-way passphrase field shown later on. Once you have completed filling out the registration form please click the "Register" button.

*If you are using a shared computer it is recommended that the 'Remember me on this Computer' box is unchecked.

5. You have been successfully registered. In order to login to view the encrypted message please close out of the screen shown above by clicking on the X at the top right of the screen.

6. Proceed to type in your password. If you selected a passphrase it will appear in the Two-way passphrase section as soon as you begin typing your password. Click “Open" to proceed.

7. View encrypted e-mail. If you choose to respond to this e-mail there is a Reply button available.