Cat® 312D2 GC Provides Optimum Life-Cycle Value, Low Operating Costs, Optimum Operator Safety, and Easy Routine Service

Cat® 312D2 GC Provides Optimum Life-Cycle Value, Low Operating Costs, Optimum Operator Safety, and Easy Routine Service

For Release in Southeast Asia and Indonesia: September 2015
Release Number: 148PR15

The new 312D2 GC hydraulic excavator, with a maximum operating weight of 13 700 kg (30,200 lb.), uses a new Cat® 3054C engine that complies with U.S. EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II equivalent emissions standards and provides fuel-economy gains of up to 14 percent, compared with its 312D2 companion model. Designed for general construction and utility applications, the 312D2 GC expands equipment choices for the customer and delivers optimum life-cycle value. Engineered to perform durably in the most demanding environments, the new model features strong and durable main structures throughout, powerful hydraulics, and a safe, comfortable cab that promotes productivity.

Engine and hydraulics

The new engine has a net power rating of 56 kW (75 hp) and features a low-pressure fuel system, mechanical governor, and mechanical fuel injectors that allow use of lesser-quality fuels with no compromise in engine durability or performance. Fuel economy is further increased with the Automatic Engine Control feature, which reduces engine speed when hydraulic functions are inactive for a short interval. In addition, boom and stick cylinders have regeneration circuits that can boost fuel economy by 2 percent.

A highly efficient hydraulic system ensures that the 312D2 GC delivers powerful digging forces and fast cycles with superior control. The system produces flows to 232 L/min (61 gpm) and pressures to 35,000 kPa (5,076 psi) for high-production excavating and for competently handling an extensive range of Cat work tools, including various buckets, hydraulic hammers, scrap/demolition shears, grapples, and rippers.

Optional auxiliary-hydraulic circuits accommodate work tools requiring both single- and two-way flow. To tailor the 312D2 GC to its application, multiple stick options are available.

Durable structures

The 312D2 GC’s box-section, X-shaped carbody (the structure that mounts the upper portion of the machine to the track frames) is designed to resist torsional bending and to dissipate stress, ensuring that the machine can work in severe applications with optimum reliability. The massive track frames are press-formed for superior strength.

The new machine’s undercarriage features track chains with grease-lubricated pin-and-bushing assemblies to reduce noise and increase service life—up to 25 percent longer than non-lubricated chains. Track rollers are sealed against dirt and debris, and the assemblies can be rebuilt to economically extend undercarriage life.

Boom and sticks are box-section fabrications of high-tensile-strength steel with internal baffles that absorb working stresses and ensure optimum durability. In addition, a massive boom-foot is designed to dissipate stresses throughout the boom tower, protecting mounting pins from wear and allowing the front linkage to remain tight for added service life.

Ease of operation

The 312D2 GC’s operator station features a large, quiet cab designed to provide optimum comfort and convenience for the operator. The high-back, mechanically suspended seat complements console-mounted joystick control levers and adjustable armrests, allowing perfect accommodation of any operator.

A large, full-color LCD monitor with a digital-gauge display keeps the operator informed of machine operating parameters and alerts the operator to conditions that require attention, such as air-filter restriction and fuel-filter/water separator status. The monitor also indicates engine-oil, hydraulic-fluid, and coolant levels when the machine is started.

The automatic climate-control system features multiple vents for efficient airflow, ensuring operator comfort in the harshest conditions. Intuitive switches and controls increase operating ease and simplify the operator’s job, resulting in consistently high production. In addition, large glass areas provide maximum visibility to enhance the working environment.


For the safety of everyone on the job site, the 312D2 GC can be fitted with an available rearview camera system and a right-side camera system. Additional safety features include anti-skid walking surfaces and service platforms with countersunk bolts, hydraulic-system lockout that prevents implement/travel functions if the operator leaves the cab, full-length firewall between the engine and hydraulic-pump compartments, ground-level fuel shutoff, battery disconnect switch, and three circuit breakers to protect the 312D2 GC’s electrical systems.

The 312D2 GC is designed to allow access to most routine service points from ground level, often without the use of tools, and the highly efficient cooling package is arranged to permit easy access for cleaning cooler cores. All electrical wires have heavy braiding for protection and are numbered and color-coded for easy identification. Easily accessed pressure ports allow quickly checking hydraulic pressures, and Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•SSM) ports ensure that fluid samples are collected at optimum points in the circulating systems.

In addition, Cat Link Technologies incorporate a powerful telematics system that can report machine location, operating parameters, critical fault codes, and geo- or time-fence violations via cellular or satellite systems. This remote-monitoring capability promotes timely correction of potential problems, anti-theft protection, maximum uptime, and enhanced overall efficiency.

312D2 GC Specifications


Cat 3054C

Net power, kW (hp)

56 (75)

Max. op. weight, kg (lb.)

13700 (30200lb)

Max. dig depth, mm (ft)

6040 (19.8)

Max. dump height, mm (ft)

6330 (20.8)

Bucket cap. range, m3 (yd3)

0.65 (0.85)



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