Fuel-efficient Cat® M315D2 and M317D2 Wheeled Excavators Meet China III Non-Road Emissions Standards and Feature Increased Durability and Easy Maintenance

Fuel-efficient Cat® M315D2 and M317D2 Wheeled Excavators Meet China III Non-Road Emissions Standards and Feature Increased Durability and Easy Maintenance

For Release in China: September 2015
Release Number: 294PR15

The Cat® M315D2 and M317D2 wheeled excavators have earned a solid reputation worldwide for reliable performance, long-term durability, versatility, fuel efficiency, and low operating costs. Recent engineering updates have further strengthened these qualities with refinement of the engine and the addition of new features, which make these models even more fitted to the Chinese market.

Engine refinements

The new Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine meets China III Non Road emission standards, while delivering the same power and fuel economy as predecessor engines in both working and traveling applications. The new engine also increases reliability with an enhanced fuel system, designed to manage worldwide fuel quality. A primary fuel filter/water separator features a water-in-fuel switch that indicates when the water separator needs to be drained, thus minimizing the risk of fuel-system contamination. An additional secondary fuel filter has been added to further enhance filtration capabilities.

Flexibility and versatility 

Cat wheeled excavators—versatile by nature and capable of working on prepared surfaces or off-road—can travel independently between job sites at high speeds (up to 37 kph), reducing travel time transportation costs. A new undercarriage-mounted bucket rest for the M315D2 enhances the unit’s roading characteristics, and new steel fenders for both models provide added protection during travel. The new models also serve as utility machines for moving material on site.

Two stick options are available for each model, and a one-piece boom provides easy operation in all conditions, whether loading trucks, working close to the machine against the blade, or in situations requiring maximum digging depth and reach. A Variable Adjustable (VA) boom is designed to improve right-side visibility and roading balance. When working in tight quarters or lifting heavy loads, the VA boom offers optimum flexibility. For dozing capability, the new models are available with a radial blade, and available outriggers enhance stability.

Cat attachments are designed to function as an integral part of the excavator and are performance-matched to Cat machines. The new wheeled excavators are available with a wide range of attachments, such as quick couplers, specialized buckets, hammers, multi-grapples, vibratory plate compactors, and shears to facilitate various jobs at hand.

Operator Comfort

The operator station for the M315D2 and M317D2 is spacious and comfortable, offering seat options (including heated cushions and automatic weight adjustment), standard automatic air conditioning, low sound levels, and ergonomic control layout for ease of operation. Large glass areas provide optimum visibility, and lighting packages keep work progressing safely at all times. Accessibility to the cabin is convenient, with well-positioned handrails allowing three points of contact at all times. Anti-skid plates on all walking surfaces and all steps reduce slipping hazards. 

Serviceability and technology

Cat wheeled excavators are designed to make maintenance quick and easy. All daily maintenance can be performed from ground level to enhance safety, and maintenance points are centralized and accessible to speed up service and reduce downtime.

The M315D2 and M317D2 are equipped with the Cat Product Link™ system, which is deeply integrated into machine systems and provides timely, useful information that assists in effective management of equipment assets and associated costs. Remote monitoring allows access to data such as location, security alerts, fuel burn, idling time versus working time, and diagnostic and event codes via the powerful, web-based VisionLink® application.

Knowing where equipment is located, what work it is doing, how it is performing, and its general state of health allows machine owners to improve the overall effectiveness of their operations and lower operating costs. 

M315D2 & M317D2 Specifications


Cat C4.4 ACERT

Cat C4.4 ACERT

Net Power ISO14396 (hp/kW)



Operating Mass (kg)

13,500 to 15,200 kg

15,300 to 17,500 kg

Max. Dig Depth (mm)



Typical Bucket Capacity (m³)

0.6 m³

0.8 m³

Max. Speed (kph)      



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