New Cat® 336F L Hydraulic Excavator Has Fuel-Saving Tier 4 Engine and Enhanced Hydraulic Efficiency

New Cat® 336F L Hydraulic Excavator Has Fuel-Saving Tier 4 Engine and Enhanced Hydraulic Efficiency

For Release in South Korea: August 2014
Release Number: 326PR14

The new Cat® 336F hydraulic excavator, replacing the 336D2, provides contractors with a significantly more fuel-efficient machine that also delivers enhanced performance and greater production potential. The new model uses the Cat C9.3 engine, rated at net power of 226 kW (303 horsepower) and equipped with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that is designed to meet Korea Tier 4 Final emission standards. A new Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) hydraulic pump allows a fuel-saving reduction in engine speed, but with no compromise in stick/bucket forces, swing torque or lifting performance.

The C9.3 ACERT engine, which can operate on bio-diesel blends up to 20 percent (B20 that meet ASTM 6751 standards), uses an automatic engine speed control system that maintains constant engine speed for optimum fuel efficiency, but automatically lowers engine speed during light-load/no-load conditions for added fuel savings. Three operator selected power modes allow adjusting the 336F to the workload for further fuel economy. Total fluid consumption (fuel and diesel exhaust fluid for the SCR system) can be as much as 5 percent less for the 336F compared with the 336D2.

Hydraulic efficiency
The new ESP hydraulic pump has a large displacement, which enables it to produce superior flow and pressure while operating at a lower speed than the pump in the 336D2. The main hydraulic valve is designed to respond precisely to operator input, directing flow where and when it’s needed for optimum control.

The 336F also regenerates hydraulic flow in the boom and stick circuits, thus reducing the load on the main pump, saving significant fuel, and reducing system heat. The hydraulic system is designed to allow configuring the main valve to suit the machine application, and an additional pump can be added for enhanced hydraulic performance. Auxiliary-hydraulic system options and a powered coupler equip the 336F for greater versatility with work tools, such as specialty buckets, vibratory plate compactors and rippers.

Durable structures
The 336F heavy mainframe and carbody (the structure connecting the upper frame to the press-formed track-roller frames) are designed to resist torsional bending encountered in difficult digging and lifting applications. A long undercarriage, standard for the 336F, features a sealed-and-lubricated design for track chains, track rollers, carrier rollers, and idlers to ensure long service life and quiet operation. Optional guards are designed to maintain track alignment in all operating situations.

Booms and sticks are heavy duty box-section fabrications with internal baffle plates, and each is stress relieved and ultrasonically inspected for assured durability. Self lubricating bearings at pivot points in the front linkage extend service intervals and reduce downtime. The 336F offers a choice of heavy duty reach boom or mass excavation boom, each with matched sticks for optimum production. Maximum digging depth is 8 190 mm (26.8 feet)

Operator environment
The 336F operator station features an automatic climate control system and is pressurized with filtered air. Special sealing and roof lining combine with viscous mounting pads under the cab to reduce sound and vibration levels, and wide seats with air suspension and heating/cooling options keep operators comfortable and productive.

The Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) certified cab provides a protected working environment for the operator. To enhance operator comfort, the cab is attached to the frame with viscous mounts that limit vibration and unnecessary sound. Special roof lining and sealing quiet the cab even further to help reduce operator fatigue.

A new easy-to-use, easy-to-see LED monitor is programmable in 42 languages and clearly displays critical operating information. The monitor also serves as the display for the standard review camera, which raises operator awareness of the space around the machine. Low effort, joystick controls are mounted in adjustable consoles, and a button in the right lever allows the operator to easily reduce engine speed when the machine is not working.

Most routine maintenance points for the 336F—such as fuel and oil filters, fluid sampling taps, and grease fittings—are accessible safely and conveniently from ground level, and side-by-side positioning of cooling package components makes cleaning quick and simple. The fresh air filter for the cab is conveniently located on the side of the cab, easy to reach and replace. Also, the fuel tank drain cock facilitates purging water and sediment during routine maintenance, and a fuel level indicator helps prevent overfilling.

Anti-skid plates on upper structure surfaces combine with large steps and hand/guard rails to reduce the risk of slipping, and wide steps on the track frame allow safe entry into the cab. Halogen lights on the cab, boom and frame provide ample illumination, and lights can be programmed to remain on for as long as 90 seconds after engine shutdown for safe exit from the cab. The rear window serves as an emergency exit.

To assist customers in managing the 336F for optimum return on investment, Cat Connect offers LINK, GRADE, and DETECT technologies. VisionLink® provides wireless access to machine operating data—such as location, hours, idle time, fuel usage, productivity, and diagnostic codes to optimize performance. Cat Grade Control and AccuGrade™ provides real-time cut and fill information to assist operators in more quickly and more accurately attaining grades and slopes. DETECT technology enhances operator awareness through the use of a rearview camera and object detection alerts.

Machine Specifications


Cat C9.3 ACERT


Net power, kW (hp)

226 (303)


Max. Op. weight, kg (lb.)

37 600 (82 900)


Max. dig depth, mm (ft)

8 190 (26.8)


Hydraulic flow, L/m (gpm)

570 (151)


Max. pressure, kPa (psi)

35 000 (5,076)



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