New Cat® D6R2 Dozer Features New Cab, Updated Controls and Hydraulic Enhancements for Greater Comfort and Performance

New Cat® D6R2 Dozer Features New Cab, Updated Controls and Hydraulic Enhancements for Greater Comfort and Performance

For Release in China: October 2015
Release Number: 159PR15

The new Cat® D6R2 dozer features a new cab, new controls that simplify operation, power-train and hydraulic-system refinement, heavy-duty structures for long-term durability, and easy routine service

The D6R2’s powerful Cat C9 ACERT™ engine meets China Stage III (GB 20891-2014) emissions standards. The Standard configuration delivers a maximum net power rating of

162 kW with an operating weight of 19 066 kg. XL (extended track) and LGP (low ground pressure) models have a maximum net power rating of 176 kW with operating weights of

19 914 kg and 21 661 kg respectively. The choice of undercarriage configurations and a selection of blades and rear implements ensure that the D6R2 track-type tractor can be tailored to key applications.

Ease of operation

The new cab, with an integrated Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS), has large glass areas that provide all-around visibility and a pressurization system that helps prevent dust from entering the cab. The standard suspension seat is fully adjustable, and a redesigned instrument panel and Cat Electronic Monitoring System provide constant information about the machine’s operating condition.

Operator effort is reduced with a single-twist steering tiller that allows the operator to precisely maneuver the D6R2 in congested work areas. The integrated transmission controls allow easy directional and range shifts. Pilot-operated implement controls significantly reduce lever effort, compared with mechanical controls, and engine speed is conveniently set with a rotary throttle.

With the throttle set in its optional AutoShift mode, the D6R2 provides two additional gear speeds. AutoShift enables the machine to automatically down shift to the most efficient gear based on load to help save fuel and increase productivity.

Performance features

The D6R2’s new two-pump, load-sensing hydraulic system ensures optimum, simultaneous response from work tools and steering system, while continuously adjusting the implement system for maximum efficiency.

A torque divider gets more engine power to the ground. The electronically controlled power-shift transmission uses high-capacity, oil-cooled clutches that maintain high torque capacity and long life. Differential Steering increases the speed of one track while slowing the other one down for exceptional turning, even with a full blade load. This provides greater maneuverability and faster cycle times, as well as better load capacity, power and speed control in soft underfoot conditions.


Remote monitoring with the Cat Product LinkTM/VisionLink® system, where available, helps owners manage their fleet more effectively and profitably. The optional Cat AccuGradeTM machine-control and guidance system helps operators increase productivity and accuracy by as much as 50 percent, compared with conventional grading methods.


A rugged mainframe, designed to absorb impact shock and resist twisting forces, is the foundation of the D6R2. L-shaped push arms bring the blade close to the tractor, enhancing overall balance, maneuverability, blade penetration, lateral stability, and pry-out capability. Blades use high-tensile-strength steel and have an abrasion-resistant moldboard and hardened, reversible, bolt-on cutting edges. Blade choices include semi-universal, straight, and angle configurations.

The elevated-sprocket design of the undercarriage protects major components from harsh impacts, and the modular design permits the final drives to be easily serviced. Lifetime lubrication of chains, rollers, and idlers extend undercarriage life, and the available SystemOne™ undercarriage further adds to service life in adverse applications. Undercarriage choices include standard, extended (XL), and low-ground-pressure (LGP) configurations.

Forestry, Waste and Arctic arrangements are available.  Each includes purpose-built guarding and other features to help ensure optimum performance and long life in extreme conditions. High efficiency fuel filters with water-in-fuel sensors add to fuel system reliability. The updated design places the alternator in an elevated location for added protection, especially in wet, sandy conditions. Routine service points are easily accessed, and the air-conditioner condenser is roof-mounted for enhanced cooling capacity and serviceability. Optional high-speed oil-change systems are available for engine oil and power-train fluids.

D6R2 Product Specifications



Maximum Net Power kW

162 kW Std.

176 kW XL/LGP

Operating weight kg 

19 066 kg Std.

19 914 kg XL

21 661 kg LGP

Blade Capacity Range, m3


Track-on-ground, mm Std./XL/LGP

2 664 / 2 871 / 3 275

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