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The new Caterpillar® C6.6 Diesel Engine with ACERT™ Technology meets worldwide emissions requirements for EPA Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA and Japan Moc Step 3 engine exhaust emission regulations, while providing excellent performance.

Drive Train

Rugged, durable and reliable components deliver smooth, responsive power and lasting reliability.

Differential Steering

Differential Steering maintains power to both tracks while turning. Operators have control of machine speed, direction and steering with the tiller bar controller, while maximizing production.

Operator Station

State-of-the-art operator station has reduced sound levels, low cab vibrations and excellent visibility. The Caterpillar comfort series air suspension seat helps reduce operator fatigue. Cab and air conditioning are standard.

AccuGrade™ Laser and GPS Machine Control and Guidance Systems

Advanced Laser and GPS technology improves operator accuracy, increases production and lowers operating costs.


Engineered and built to give solid support in the most demanding applications. Designed to last throughout the extended service life of the D6N.

SystemOne Undercarriage

Exclusively for Caterpillar machines the SystemOne™ Undercarriage is a revolutionary new undercarriage system – from the ground up.

Work Tools

Cat Work Tools and Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) are designed to provide strength and flexibility to match the machine to the job, maximizing performance.


Modular design moves Caterpillar a generation ahead in simplifying service and maintenance.

Total Customer Support

Your Cat Dealer offers a wide range of services that can be set up with a Customer Support Agreement. The dealer can customize a plan for you, from PM service to total machine maintenance, allowing you to optimize your return on investment.

D6N Standard Equipment

  • Horn
  • Hour meter
  • Back-up alarm
  • 12-volt converter, 10-amp
  • Diagnostic connector
  • 950 CCA class 31 batteries
  • Integrated front lights
  • 95 amp HD brushless alternator (24 volt)
  • Starter (24 volt)

  • ROPS/FOPS cab with integrated A/C
  • Seat, air suspension, cloth for cab
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Seat belt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)
  • Foot rests for slope work
  • Four gauge cluster (engine coolant, transmission oil temp, hydraulic oil temp, fuel level)
  • Electronic Monitoring System (EMS III)
  • Electronically programmable gear limiter
  • Power points, two 12-volt
  • Radio ready, 12-volt, plug and play
  • Storage compartment
  • Cup holder (LH)
  • Coat hook
  • Electronic engine air cleaner service indicator
  • Electronic water-in-fuel sensor service indicator
  • Mirror, rearview
  • Transmission shift points selection function on dash
  • Product Link ready

  • SystemOne™ Undercarriage
  • Center tread idler
  • Lifetime lubricated track rollers (7 XL & 8 LGP) and idlers
  • Carrier rollers
  • Replaceable sound suppressed/undercut sprocket rim segments
  • Tracks 40 section - 610 mm Extreme Service (24") for XL
  • Tracks 46 section - 840 mm (33") Medium Service for LGP (for 3m transport compliance)
  • Hydraulic track adjusters
  • End track guiding guards
  • Center track guiding guard for improved side slope work (LGP only)

  • Cat® C6.6 with ACERT™ Technology, Caterpillar Common Rail fuel system, ADEM™ A4 Electronic Control Module and air-to-air aftercooling
  • Single poly-vee belt with automatic belt tensioner
  • Ether starting aid
  • Direct drive fan
  • Aluminum bar plate cooling system (radiator, power train, aftercooler)
  • Steel tube-fin oil cooler (differential steering)
  • Air cleaner with integrated Precleaner and automatic dust ejector and under hood air intake
  • Electrical fuel priming pump with integrated fuel/water separator
  • Decelerating function (toggle switch & pedal engine speed control)
  • Planetary powershift transmission with torque converter
  • Controlled throttle shifting with automated load compensation
  • Automatic down-shift and kick-down transmission control
  • Auto-shift (1.5F-2.5R, 2.5F-2.5R, 2.5F-1.5R)
  • System MVP: Multiple speed functionality providing 5 discrete ground speed selections
  • Steering system: Differential steering with pilot control tiller bar

  • Crankcase guard
  • Ecology drains (engine, power train, hydraulic oil)
  • S•O•SSM taps for engine, power train, transmission oil
  • Coolant sampling port
  • Centralized remote mounted pressure tabs for easy access and diagnostic
  • Front pull device
  • Hinged radiator louvered grill
  • Hinged engine doors
  • Lockable engine enclosures
  • Rigid drawbar
  • Three valve hydraulics for VPAT dozer
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • Implement oil filter
  • Product Link (NACD, APD and select EAME areas)

D6N Optional Equipment

AccuGrade ARO (Laser/GPS)

Bulldozers -See Bulldozer Specifications Chart for Weights


Heater, dash mounted for OROPS

Fan, reversible

Fast fill fuel tank

Lighting system, 4 lights

Rotating beacon

Product Link (most areas, see Other Standard Equipment)

Machine Security System (MSS)

  • Crankcase, heavy duty
  • Fuel tank
  • Front lines
  • Lift cylinders
  • Final drives
  • Guard, rear, heavy duty
  • Guiding Track MS
  • Guiding Guarding Track HD
  • Guard, track guiding, center XL
  • Radiator, heavy duty, hinged grill
  • Striker bars
  • Sand blast grid
  • Rear screen for EROPS cab
  • Rear screen for OROPS canopy
  • Sweeps, EROPS
  • Sweeps OROPS

Hydraulics and Ripper:
  • Four valve for either SU blade (XL) and ripper or VPAT blade and ripper
  • Two valves for SU blade
  • Ripper, parallelogram (with three straight teeth)
  • Each optional curved tooth, replacing straight tooth
  • Cover, console, ripper

Starting aids:
  • Engine coolant heater
  • Heavy-duty batteries

Track pair; SystemOne:
  • XL arrangement, 40-sections:
  • LGP arrangement, 46-sections:

Winch and fairleads:
  • Tractor, winch preparation
  • Tractor, winch ready
  • Cover, console, winch
  • Winch (standard or low speed)
  • Fairlead, 3 rollers
  • Fairlead, 4 rollers

Oil change, high speed

Radiator, trash resistant

Turbine air precleaner

Forestry Arrangement

Waste Handling Arrangement

Fine Grading Arrangement