MD6540C Rotary Blasthole Drill


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Drill Table and Work Deck

Leveling Jacks

Compressor - Standard

Base Machine



Mast 16 or 20 m (52.5 or 65.6 ft)

Mast Carousel

Mainframe, Decks and Walkways

Accessories, Tools and Handling Equipment

Pipe Handling

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Winch System


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MD6540C Standard Equipment


  • Cat 3512C HD, 957 kW (1,283 hp), 1,800 rpm engine meets Tier 2/Stage II equivalent emission standards
  • Thermal protection of exhaust system and turbo lines
  • Engine frame with hood
  • Guard between engine and hydraulic drive


  • 101.9 m3/min @ 6.9 bar (3,600 ft3/min @ 100 psi), 1,800 rpm, butterfly inlet, spiral valve control


  • Low coolant level switch
  • Two coolers (split coolers)
  • Maximum ambient cooling capacity of 52° C (125° F)
  • Variable speed cooler fans, ECM controlled


  • Auxiliary circuit pump
  • Fan pump
  • Two primary pumps


  • Spacious cab is 4.85 m2 (52.22 ft2)
  • 24V to 12V converter
  • All electric controls for drilling, tramming, leveling plus auxiliary functions
  • HMI touch screen control
  • Trainer's seat
  • Electric horn
  • Full front drill window
  • Heavy duty door latches
  • Roof mounted air conditioning/heating/pressurizing unit; hydraulic driven
  • Cab ladder, roof platform and railing
  • Roof window with protective cage
  • Rubber shock mounted and insulated two-man extra large FOPS cab
  • Slope indicators
  • Split operator's console with stainless steel panels and back-lit gauges
  • Twelve (12) windows (see Climate Groups for glass selection)
  • Two swing out (2) hinged doors with heavy duty door latching system
  • Windshield wipers and washer tank kit
  • Overhead interior dome lights
  • Dash light on each panel
  • Lighting package includes 4,200 lumen perimeter flood lights and 1,950 lumen area spotlights


  • All manuals stored in control system, service, operators and schematics
  • Engine shut down sequence in control
  • Drill performance and monitoring/diagnostics system
  • Electro-pneumatic compressor control system
  • Filter indicators (air, hydraulic, and compressor)
  • High/low tram speed select (high only when mast is down) interlock
  • Mast lock indicator
  • Electronic controls provides fast and reliable control of all drill functions
  • ECM proportional fan speed control system
  • Pump drive gearbox temperature sensor
  • Rotary head RPM gauge – digital
  • Tram interlock, machine outside stability limits
  • Tram interlock, pipe in hole
  • Tram interlock, mast up and locked or down and parked
  • Jack/tram interlock
  • Cab environment control (AC, filter, heat, fan speeds)
  • Pipe positioner sensor
  • Drill depth meter
  • Drill function interlock, carousel in load position
  • Drill function interlock, carousel not parked
  • Drill function interlock, mast up and locked
  • Drill function interlock, rod catcher not closed
  • Rotary torque control
  • Head clear interlock, rotary drive clear of carousel
  • Winch not parked – tram interlock
  • Jack pressure sensors
  • Virtual rotary head travel stops


  • Fuel tanks separated with check valves
  • Hydraulic tank with isolation valves and interlocks
  • Slip resistant decks and walk ways
  • 3289 L (869 gal) fuel, (2 tanks mounted under power train)
  • Bolt-on hand rails with kick plates
  • Four (4) Cat maintenance free batteries
  • Stainless battery box, sliding drawer type
  • Four leveling jacks to provide stability drilling with 7° bench angle
  • Heavy duty tow hooks (front end)
  • Lift lugs
  • Pipe loading guide roller
  • Stationary rear deck
  • Left rear swing gated handrail
  • Rear deck bit storage box
  • Hydraulic viewing hatch with hatch viewing spot light
  • Walkways around the drill, 360 degrees
  • Swing up cable steps, egress at each corner of drill
  • Spring loaded self closing gates
  • Vertical mast rest at front of drill
  • Mounting frame for pressure washer with port in fuel and water tanks


  • Cat undercarriage with full length rock guards and tram distance meter, auto tensioning and 900 mm (35 in) triple grousers


  • Up to 49 895 kg (110,000 lb) rated capacity single cylinder pulldown/hoist system
  • Rotary head gear box, motors choice in attachment packages
  • Dust hood with hinged quick change dust seal
  • 30 degree angle drilling in 5° increments and mast locks and indicator in cab [25 degree limit for 406 mm (16 in) holes]
  • Auto cable tensioning system (attached on pull down side)
  • Sliding deck wrench, hydraulic fork
  • HOBO (Hydraulic Operated Break-Out wrench)
  • Mast lanyard mounting plates
  • Sheave/feed rope guards
  • Cable pipe catcher
  • Winch 5443 kg (12,000 lb) lift capacity
  • Pipe positioner


  • Standard Caterpillar colors


  • Alloy drill deck covers, for servicing when mast in mast rest
  • Air hose safety sleeves (whip socks)
  • Battery disconnect and starter isolation only with lock outs
  • Seven (7) engine shut down buttons, by each drill egress/access point, in cab, and in engine area on drill deck
  • Tram alarm, with tram engagement
  • Strobe beacon on cab and left side of drill
  • Hinged protective cage for full length drill window
  • LED night perimeter flood lighting on four sides, LED spot lighting power group area; drill deck; mast carousel; access ladder and walkways for night drilling
  • A printed copy of the Operation & Maintenance Manual(s) shall be provided with each machine, installed at the factory, and available in the legal language(s) of the country where the machine is to be placed in service: – The language specified on the factory order shall be provided
  • A separate, weather-resistant literature compartment in the operator's station shall be provided for the Operation & Maintenance Manual and other items related to safe operation and maintenance of the machine: – The compartment shall be lockable or be inside a lockable cab – A lanyard should be used to attach the manual to the machine
  • Burn protection from exhaust pipes and turbo lines


  • Loop filters between hydraulic pumps and motors (2) Hydraulic return filters, (1) hydraulic case drain strainer, (2) hydraulic charge filters, compressor oil filters, automatic 45 point lubrication system, centralized
  • Hydraulic pressure test points
  • Fast fill refueling system


  • Rotary package for up to 339 mm (13 3∕8 in) OD pipe diameter pipes (drill pipe not included) carousel plates, HOBO inserts, 914 mm (36 in) top sub, deck wrench hoist bell, horse shoe wrench, universal bit basket, deck seals,chock bars pipe rack inserts, bit sub and roller deck bushing

MD6540C Optional Equipment


  • Tow bar assembly
  • Interface for third party mining systems
  • Drill pipe thread lubrication
  • Bit lubricator
  • Remote jump start terminals
  • Factory service engineer on site (18 working days) days to direct start-up and commissioning
  • Cat 374F undercarriage with 750 mm (29.53 in) triple grousers for hard rock
  • Operator aides: – Mast crown clearance light – Two (2) closed circuit camera (front and left side) with monitor in cab – Hydraulic pipe catcher

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