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H-Series Wheel Loaders - The New Standard For Midsize Loaders


Net Power - ISO 9249 197.0 hp 147.0 kW Less
Engine Model Cat® C7 ACERT™ Cat® C7 ACERT™ Less
Net Power - 80/1269/EEC 197.0 hp 147.0 kW Less
Flywheel Power 197.0 hp 147.0 kW Less
Gross Power - SAE J1995 216.0 hp 161.0 kW Less
Net Power - SAE J1349 195.0 hp 145.0 kW Less
Peak Torque (Net) @ 1,400 RPM 669.0 ft-lb 907.0 N·m Less
Total Torque Rise 54.0 % 54.0 % Less
Bore 4.33 in 110.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.0 in 127.0 mm Less
Displacement 439.0 in3 7.2 L Less


Operating Weight 40435.0 lb 18338.0 kg Less


Bucket Capacities 2.5-3.5 m3 3.25-4.5 yd3 2.5-3.5 m3 3.25-4.5 yd3 Less
Max Bucket Capacity 4.5 yd3 3.5 m3 Less
Bucket Width 9.6 ft 2927.0 mm Less
Capacity - Reference bucket 4.0 yd3 3.1 m3 Less
Type - Reference bucket General purpose General purpose Less
Breakout force of Reference bucket 37125.0 lb 165.0 kN Less

Operating Specifications

Dump Clearance 9.59 ft 2.922 m Less
Breakout Force 37125.0 lb 165.0 kN Less
Static Tipping Load, Full Turn - Bucket 24068.0 lb 10915.0 kg Less
Static Tipping Load, Full Turn - Forks 9421.0 lb 4273.0 kg Less


Forward 1 4.3 mph 6.9 km/h Less
Forward 2 7.9 mph 12.7 km/h Less
Forward 3 13.9 mph 22.3 km/h Less
Forward 4 23.0 mph 37.0 km/h Less
Reverse 1 4.7 mph 7.6 km/h Less
Reverse 2 8.6 mph 13.9 km/h Less
Reverse 3 15.2 mph 24.5 km/h Less
Reverse 4 24.9 mph 40.0 km/h Less

Hydraulic System

Bucket/Work Tool System - Pump Output 71.0 gal/min 270.0 L/min Less
Steering System Pump Type Piston Piston Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise 6.2 Seconds 6.2 Seconds Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump 1.3 Seconds 1.3 Seconds Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down 2.5 Seconds 2.5 Seconds Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total 10.0 Seconds 10.0 Seconds Less


Brakes Meets required standards. Meets required standards. Less


Front Fixed front Fixed front Less
Rear Oscillating +/- 13° Oscillating +/- 13° Less
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall 18.5 in 470.0 mm Less


Tires Choose from a variety of tires to match your application. Choose from a variety of tires to match your application. Less


ROPS/FOPS Meets SAE and ISO standards. Meets SAE and ISO standards. Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank - Standard 83.0 gal 314.0 L Less
Cooling System 11.0 gal 42.0 L Less
Crankcase 7.9 gal 30.0 L Less
Transmission 9.0 gal 34.0 L Less
Differentials and Final Drives - Front 9.5 gal 36.0 L Less
Differentials and Final Drives - Rear 9.5 gal 36.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 29.0 gal 110.0 L Less


Height to top of ROPS 11.3 ft 3444.3 mm Less
Height to top of exhaust pipe 11.05 ft 3369.0 mm Less
Height to top of hood 8.08 ft 2462.0 mm Less
Ground clearance 1.35 ft 412.0 mm Less
B-pin height - standard 13.1 ft 3992.0 mm Less
B-pin height - high-lift 14.73 ft 4490.0 mm Less
Center line rear axle to edge of counterweight 6.41 ft 1955.0 mm Less
Wheelbase 10.99 ft 3350.0 mm Less
B-pin height at carry - standard 1.49 ft 455.0 mm Less
B-pin height at carry - high-lift 1.94 ft 591.0 mm Less
Center line rear axle to hitch 5.5 ft 1675.0 mm Less
Rack back at maximum lift 59.5 Degrees 59.5 Degrees Less
Dump angle at maximum lift 48.2 Degrees 48.2 Degrees Less
Rack back at carry 45.0 Degrees 45.0 Degrees Less
Rack back at ground 38.5 Degrees 38.5 Degrees Less
Height to center line of axle 2.45 ft 748.0 mm Less


The Cat 950H - Tested And Proven - Ready To Work


Built Strong And Tough


Work Smart And Move More


Built For Your Operation


Work Comfortably And Efficiently


The 950H - Best Value For Your Operation


Easy To Maintain - Easy To Service

950H Standard Equipment

  • Alarm, back-up
  • Alternator, 80-amp brushless
  • Batteries, maintenance-free (2) 950 CCA
  • Ignition key; start/stop switch
  • Lighting system, halogen (6 total)
  • Main disconnect switch
  • Starter, electric, heavy-duty
  • Starting and charging system (24-volt)

  • Bucket/work tool function lockout
  • Cab, pressurized and sound-suppressed ROPS/FOPS
  • Cigar lighter and ashtray (12-volt)
  • Coat hook (2) with straps
  • Computerized monitoring system
  • Controls, electrohydraulic, lift and tilt function
  • Heater and defroster
  • Horn, electric (steering wheel/console)
  • Light, dome (cab)
  • Lunchbox, beverage holders and personal tray
  • Mirror, rearview (internally mounted)
  • Seat, Cat Comfort (cloth) with air suspension
  • Seat belt, retractable, 51 mm (2") wide
  • Steering column, adjustable angle (SW-CCS) and length (CCS)
  • Wet-Arm wipers and washers, front and rear
  • Window, sliding (left and right side)

  • Brakes, full hydraulic enclosed wet-disc with Integrated Braking System (IBS) and brake wear indicator
  • Engine, Cat C7 with ACERT Technology and ATAAC
  • Fan, radiator, electronically controlled, hydraulically driven, temperature sensing, on demand
  • Filters, fuel, primary/secondary
  • Filters, engine air, primary/secondary
  • Fuel priming pump (electric)
  • Fuel/water separator
  • Muffler, sound suppressed
  • Radiator, unit core
  • Starting aid, air inlet heater
  • Switch, transmission neutralizer lockout
  • Torque converter, free wheel stator
  • Transmission, automatic, planetary powershift (4F/4R)
  • Variable Shift Control (VSC)

  • Automatic bucket positioner
  • Counterweight
  • Couplings, Caterpillar O-ring face seal
  • Doors, service access (locking)
  • Ecology drains, engine, transmission and hydraulics
  • Fenders, steel (front and rear)
  • Guard, airborne debris
  • Hitch, drawbar with pin
  • Hood, non-metallic, power tilting
  • Hoses, Caterpillar XT™
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Kickout, lift and tilt, automatic (in-cab adjustable)
  • Linkage, Z-bar, cast crosstube/tilt lever
  • Oil sampling valves
  • Product Link ready
  • Remote diagnostic pressure taps
  • Service center, electrical and hydraulic
  • Sight gauges:
  • Steering, load sensing
  • Vandalism protection caplocks

  • A tire must be selected from the mandatory attachments section. Base machine price includes an allowance based on a premium radial tire.

  • Premixed 50% concentration of Extended Life Coolant with freeze protection to -34°C (-29°F)

950H Optional Equipment

Air conditioner

Aggregate Autodig System


Buckets and work tools

Bucket Ground Engaging Tools (GET) - see Cat dealer for details

Camera, rear vision

Cooler, axle oil

  • Limited slip, front or rear
  • NO-SPIN, rear

Drain, axle ecology

Fender extensions, front and rear

Fenders, narrow

Fenders, roading

Guard, axle seal

Guard, front window, wide or small mesh

Guard, power train

Heater, engine coolant, 120- or 240-volt

Hydraulic arrangement, three-valve

Joystick control, two- or three-valve

Lights, directional

Lights, high intensity discharge (HID)

Lights, roading

Light, warning beacon

Lights, work, cab-mounted

Machine Security System

Mirrors, external

Mirrors, heated external

Mirrors, heated external, folding

Open canopy

Payload Control System
  • Payload Control System Printer

Platform, window cleaning

Precleaner, turbine

Precleaner, turbine/trash

Product Link

Radio, AM/FM Weatherband (CD)

Radio, CB-ready

Receptacle, starting, 24-volt

Remote pressure taps, transmission

Ride Control System, two- or three-valve

Seatbelt, 76 mm (3") wide

Sound suppression, exterior

Starting aid, ether

Steering, Command Control System

Steering, secondary

Switch, lift lever FNR (steering wheel machines)

Sun visor, front

Tool box

Special Machine Arrangements
  • High Lift Arrangement, two- and three-valve
  • Forest Machine Arrangement
  • Scrap Handler Arrangement
  • Sewer and Water Arrangement
  • Waste Handler Arrangement
  • Yard Loader Value Package