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IMO II - meets the International Maritime Organization's Regulation 13 of Revised Annex VI to the MARPOL Convention.

Worldwide Support

Extensive service network of Cat Dealers and unparalleled service from authorized marine dealers


The C32 ACERT has proven engine operating history. It consists of performance iron with thousands of hours of validation testing for quality and durability.


Backed by Caterpillar's standard warranty

Six Ratings with Wide Operating Speed Range (WOSR)

Excellent reserve power for acceleration, Ideal for applications requiring the engine to operate normally at more than one speed or load, Provides an alternative to torque converters, multi-speed transmissions, Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)

Extended Oil Change Intervals

Seperate Circuit Aftercooling System: A-C Ratings

No seawater circulating through the aftercooler, isolator mounts available as optional attachments, mounting and isolator base require wider stringer without vertical adjustment nut (adjustable height), thrust (recommended for remote gear) and non-thrust (recommended for close gear) options available