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The 6CM34DF generator set is based on the successful CM32C medium speed engine. Caterpillar Motoren designed the CM34DF to meet and exceed the CM32C reliability and lifetime expectations, while maintaining its class leading position regarding operational efficiency and reliability. The CM34DF is an ideal solution as main power for offshore production platforms and top sides. The CM34DF clean design allows fast and easy access to system and components, supporting the operation, service and maintenance simplicity. Designed to operate on gaseous fuel with methane numbers down to MN 50 and liquid fuels as MGO, MDO, heavy fuels and crude oil. The CM34DF is certified to IMO Tier II standards and meets proposed IMO Tier III emissions levels while operating in gas mode. Care and attention was paid to customers demand for a safe and reliable operation at varying engine loads and gas qualities.

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating 3600.0 kV·A 2880.0 ekW Less
Maximum Rating 3600.0 kV·A 2880.0 ekW Less
Emissions IMO Tier II IMO Tier II Less
Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooler Turbocharged Aftercooler Less
Bore 13.39 in 340.0 mm Less
Displacement 15317.0 in³ 251.0 l Less
Engine Control Electronic Electronic Less
Speed - 50 Hz 750 rpm 750 rpm Less
Speed - 60 Hz 720 rpm 720 rpm Less
Stroke 18.1 in 460.0 mm Less
Weight 128000.0 lb 64.0 t Less


Height 207.7 in 5275.0 mm Less
Length 359.4 in 9129.0 mm Less
Width 103.9 in 2639.0 mm Less

Engine Design

World-class reliability and durability - Medium speed long-stroke engine design - Compact cylinder head design- Nodular cast-iron block with integrated ducts for lubricating oil and charge air - Engine design based on the higher requirements of crude oil - High efficiency turbocharger - Cylinder liner semi dry, only cooled outside the engine block - Compact module for lower valve drives and injection pump drives with cam followers - Flexible Camshaft Technology optimizes valve operation to maintain low emissions - Super fine honed cylinder liner for low lube oil consumption - Hardened piston ring grooves - Diamond coated piston rings

6CM34DFStandard Equipment

  • Motor-driven barring gear, fitted on engine
  • Emergency shutdown equipment with pushbutton for manual emergency stop
  • Fuel injector and integrated gas admission valve with easy service and maintenance access
  • Cylinder pressure sensors for highest operational reliability and efficiency, replacing conventional knocking sensor technology
  • Piston, rings and liners designed for operation on gas and liquid fuels

Turbo Charger
  • Optimized engine efficiency in gas and diesel operation
  • Blow-off valve and waste gate technology for optimized air-fuel ratio control

Gas system
  • Double-walled gas piping to support an inherently safe engine room concept
  • Leakage detection
  • Gas valve unit
  • Segmented gas detection system on request

Micro Pilot Fuel Injection System
  • Gear driven high pressure fuel pump and filter system with easy service access
  • Reliability combined with service and maintenance simplicity, through individual ignition fuel injector and “in-cylinder head” integrated ignition fuel return pipes.

Exhaust System
  • Front-mounted turbocharger at free end with transition nozzle, (0 degrees from the vertical and away from engine), with compressor cleaning device.
  • Expansion joint separate
  • Separate silencer and spark arrester

Fresh Cooling Water System
  • HT pump, fitted on engine
  • LT pump, separate, vertical design, electric motor driven
  • HT thermostat, remote-mounted, electric controlled
  • Cooling water preheating equipment, fitted on base frame

Lubricating Oil System
  • Plate cooler, fitted on engine
  • Force pump, fitted on engine
  • Pre-lubrication pump, fitted on base frame, electric motor driven
  • Automatic back-flushing filter
  • Duplex filter with differential pressure indication, fitted on engine
  • Pressure control valve, fitted on engine
  • Thermostat, remote-mounted, electric controlled

  • Set of connecting parts between flange coupling and flywheel
  • Flexible flange coupling between engine and generator
  • Base frame with flywheel guard and incorporating lube oil sump tank, for engine and generator
  • Mounting of engine and generator on the base frame
  • Set of bonded rubber rails for resilient mounting of the base frame
  • Set of flexible pipe connections

  • Gauge board with liquid-dampened pressure gauges for: fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water, starting air and charge air.
  • On-engine thermometers for fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water and charge air
  • Electric remote speed indicator
  • Turbocharger and remote speed indicator
  • Exhaust gas temperature indicator

  • Manual control on engine, including: control panel with start/stop key, speed setting device, mechanical shutdown device, changeover of control functions from engine to remote control
  • Starting solenoid valve on engine, 24 V DC
  • Separate electronic speed governor