Work Productively & Profitably

Meet production goals at the lowest total cost.

Whatever your industry or the size of your operation, productivity is top of mind. Every day you’re challenged to meet production targets safely, efficiently and profitably. Caterpillar Job Site Solutions will provide the expertise and innovation to help you optimize fleet productivity—so you can meet your goals at the lowest total cost.

It starts with fleet design

We help you choose the right mix of assets for your operation—machines that are sized right, matched to work together and balanced in terms of age. Together we:

  • Gather data about site-specific challenges
  • Test potential fleet combinations and identify the best mix
  • Evaluate existing units: retain, repair, recondition, replace or retire
  • Create long-term plan for maintaining lowest-cost fleet
Manage performance to improve profitability

With the right fleet in place, our priority is managing the assets to meet your objectives. We use advanced technologies to measure performance, identify inefficiencies and make sustainable changes. Our approach:

  • Quantify inefficiencies with data and analytics
  • Simulate planned improvements to verify performance and cost impact
  • Execute change and improve continuously—with training, job setup, haul road management and more
Optimize productivity with Caterpillar

Collaborate with Caterpillar Job Site Solutions for:

  • Product, application, simulation and IT experience
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Site-specific improvement plans
  • Focus on execution, communication and continuous improvement

Work Productively & Profitably

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