You Change Landscapes and Lives. We Help

You Change Landscapes and Lives. We Help

Whether you are building dams in dusty plains, carving roads from granite mountains or creating farms in barren lands, you can depend on Cat® to be with you every step of the way. Since 1948, Cat has been a part of major nation-building projects in India. Our legacy in India began 60 years ago, with the building of the Hirakud Dam. More recently, in 2005, a fleet of 220 Cat® machines and gen sets worked on building the 5000 kilometer Golden Quadrilateral Highway.

Today you will find us in every corner of the country, constructing homes, highways and much more. Cat® machines are working around the clock in the construction of the 2000 MW Hydroelectric Power Project at Subansri, Arunachal Pradesh, which includes digging and moving 1.14 million m3 of soil, civil works for diversion tunnels, coffer dams and concrete gravity dams, etc.

More than infrastructure

Our job goes way beyond infrastructure. As a company, we are dedicated to promoting the health, welfare and economic stability of the communities we work with. We lead industry and community initiatives that share our commitment to making sustainable progress possible in India. With the Caterpillar Foundation, we support projects that advance knowledge and education, promote access to basic human needs and protect the environment.

We are committed to growth, that of your business and of the nation. To find out more about how Cat can work with you in building the India of tomorrow, contact your local Cat dealer.