The Built for It™ Trials: LIVE


Madhya Pradesh, India’s second-largest state, is a study in contrasts. Villages here are being connected through the vital Digital India project, but they still lack proper water supply and sanitation. Schools need recreational facilities and women yearn for privacy and safety. Even the wildlife faces a crisis—there’s an extreme shortage of water in the area.

The people of Madhya Pradesh, Cat® dealers and the Cat 424B joined forces hoping to bring some relief to the region. Welcome to the Built For It™ Trials LIVE: India. Witness the 424B’s incredible journey through the heart of India.

Providing Privacy at the Shipra River

The 424B began its journey at Ujjain, a small town preparing for a big event. During the Kumbh Mela, the largest peaceful gathering of people on the planet, millions take a ritual dip in the holy river. The question is: are the riverbanks ready?

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Spreading Joy in Sirali

Sirali is the next stop. While there is great effort to keep the literacy rates up in these parts, schools there, like in most of India, lack playgrounds. So how can the children there stay healthy in body and spirit?

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Creating a Lifeline at Sagar

Sagar, Bundelkhand and the surrounding areas face a great shortage of water because the monsoons have frequently failed. Can the 424B help save the crops from wasting away yet again?

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Building Toilets in Panna

Panna might be rural, but it is a part of the new Digital India. Villages there will soon be connected to the world through the internet. But what about the hundreds of women who face problems every day, because of the lack of toilets?

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Quenching Thirst at the Tiger Reserve

The Panna Tiger Reserve is home to a Tiger population that was once almost extinct. With the wildlife fighting a scarcity of water, how does the 424B ensure that the tigers stay safely, in their natural habitat?

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