Compact-Radius Cat® 325F L Combines Powerful Digging and Lifting Forces with Fuel Efficiency and Optimum Operator Comfort and Safety

Compact-Radius Cat® 325F L Combines Powerful Digging and Lifting Forces with Fuel Efficiency and Optimum Operator Comfort and Safety

For Release in Europe, Israel, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan: October 2015
Release Number: 302PR15

The new 25-metric-ton Cat® 325F hydraulic excavator's compact-radius design, powerful Cat C4.4 ACERTTM engine and refined hydraulic system combine to provide ample digging and lifting forces in restricted spaces. The 325F's full-size, ROPS-equipped cab provides optimum comfort, convenience and safety for the operator, and technology options such as Cat Grade Control and AccuGrade™ boost operator productivity. Heavy-duty structures throughout, including a choice of booms, ensures long-term durability and production efficiency, and a wide selection of quick couplers and work tools expand the 325F's versatility.


The 120-kW (net) C4.4 ACERT engine meets EU Stage IV emission standards and features an after treatment system that requires no action from the operator and does not interrupt work cycles. An engine-speed control system automatically lowers engine rpm when the machine does not require optimum power for the operating situation, thus conserving fuel. Other fuel-saving features include an automatic engine-idle shutdown system and three power modes—high-horsepower, standard, and Eco—that allow matching machine performance to the task.

The C4.4 ACERT engine, which is up to B20 biodiesel capable, uses a variable-speed fan to further reduce energy consumption. An efficiently designed cooling system allows the 325F to work in extreme heat, and the new model also can work at altitudes of 3 000 meters with no engine de-rating required. A high-pressure fuel system features a newly designed pump and injectors for optimum combustion, and a high-efficiency filtration system protects precision fuel-system components from wear and deposits that can result in over-fueling.


The 325F’s implement hydraulic system is designed to locate major components in close proximity to allow the use of short hoses and lines that reduce frictional losses and reduce pressure drops, ensuring optimum power and efficiency from the system. For smooth operation and precise control, the main control valve opens slowly when the range of joystick-lever movement is small and opens rapidly when movement is high, directing hydraulic flow in the exact volume required to the exact function.

Electrically controlled boom- and stick-regeneration systems recycle oil in cylinders instead of exhausting it to the reservoir, resulting in reduced loads on the main pumps for increased fuel economy and faster response. Available quick-couplers and tool-control systems work with available auxiliary-hydraulic circuits to support a range of Cat work-tools and buckets. Tool-control systems can store pressure and flow requirements for multiple tools.


The 325F’s reach boom and stick provide all-around versatility for multi-purpose digging and loading. The Variable Adjustable (VA*) boom and stick allow working closer to the tracks in confined areas and provide increased lifting capacity. (*Available in Europe only).

For long-term durability, the 325F uses a modified X-frame design that resists digging and lifting forces, and its front linkage, robotically welded for optimum strength, ensures long-term performance. In addition, the 325F’s heavy-duty undercarriage uses massive track frames, heavy-duty track rollers, forged carrier rollers, and grease-lubricated track chains that significantly extend chain life and reduce sound when the machine travels.


The new ROPS cab offers much more operator space, and uses special viscous mounts to isolate the structure from vibration through the frame, and special interior lining and seals further diminish sound levels at the operator’s ear. The automatic climate-control system maintains consistent cab temperatures, and the fully adjustable, heated (optional) seat combines with adjustable armrests and adjustable joystick consoles to enhance operator productivity.

The large LED monitor is easy to navigate and is programmable in 42 languages. For added convenience, the cab features ample storage areas, auxiliary-power ports, and auxiliary jack for MP3 players.

For the operator’s protection, the 325F uses an integrated roll-over protective structure (ROPS), and to enhance safe entry and exit from the cab, handrails are strategically placed, and anti-skid plating with countersunk bolts covers walking surfaces. Within the machine, a full-length firewall separates the engine and hydraulic-pump compartments, and a ground-level fuel-cut-off switch can be used to shut down the engine in an emergency.

The large expanse of glass in the cab affords all-around visibility, and enhanced job-site safety results from the new model’s four mirrors and standard rearview camera system.


Compared to its 321D L CR predecessor, the 325F provides the same productivity while offering increased lifting capacities (up to 7% over-the-front, and up to 9% over-the-side), and a 12% fuel consumption improvement.


The 325F has been designed with accessible serviceability in mind, and most routine maintenance points are available at ground level. Filters are consolidated in the pump compartment for added convenience, and the wide service doors and two-piece hood with gas-cylinder assist provide wide-open access to major components.

Additional serviceability items include an electric fuel-priming pump to simplify fuel-filter changes, easily accessible pressure-check taps and fluid-sampling ports, and maintenance-free diesel particulate filter.


Cat Grade Control delivers 2D bucket-tip-elevation guidance to assist operators in attaining precise planes and slopes, eliminating much of the staking and grade checking typically required. The AccuGrade system provides 3D guidance for making complex cuts and contours.

For added fleet-management assistance, Cat Link technologies use data from telemetrics-equipped machines (Product Link™) to remotely monitor such critical information as event and diagnostic codes, machine location, fuel level, idle time, working time, and other detailed information that is transmitted to Caterpillar’s secure web-based application, VisionLink®

325F Product Specifications


Cat C4.4 ACERT

Power – ISO 14396 122 kW – 166 PS
Power – ISO 14396
Power – ISO 9249
122 kW – 166 PS
120 kW – 163 PS
Min. Op. weight, kg
Max. Op. weight, kg
25 349
25 907
Max. dig depth, mm
Max. reach, mm
6 710
9 790

Std bucket, m3


Max. hyd. flow, L/min


Max. pressure (equipment), kPa

35 000

Max. pressure (Equipment heavy lift mode), kPa

38 000

Drawbar pull, kN


Track gauge, mm
Tail swing radius, mm
2 380
1 720

Swing speed, rpm


Travel speed, km/h


Above weights and dimensions are based on 325F L with 5.7 m reach boom and R2.9 m stick  

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