Cat® 313D2 L Designed for Durable, Efficient Performance

Cat® 313D2 L Designed for Durable, Efficient Performance

For Release in Hong Kong: March 2017 
Release Number: 72PR17

The new Cat® 313D2 L hydraulic excavator, powered by a Cat C4.4 diesel engine with an efficient, durable fuel-injection system, features a powerful hydraulic system that delivers high flow and pressure for aggressive digging and lifting, as well as for competently handling powered attachments. The 313D2 L's main structures—including its massive carbody and upper frame, robotically welded and reinforced front-linkage components, and heavy-duty, grease-lubricated undercarriage —ensure structural strength and durability. Operator comfort and safety, as well as accessible serviceability, are key aspects of the 313D2 L's design.

The engine, ISO 14396-rated at 100 net horsepower (75 kW) and meeting EU Stage IIIA / U.S. EPA Tier 3 equivalent and China Nonroad Stage III emission standards, uses a mechanically controlled, low-pressure fuel-injection system capable of operating efficiently with fuels of varying quality. The engine also can use bio-diesel fuel, up to B20 blends, and is designed with highly efficient fuel-filtration system, including a primary filter with a water separator and a low-micron final filter. The engine's "economy" operating mode is designed to balance performance and fuel economy, while maintaining full-power digging and lifting capabilities.

Powerful and versatile

Hydraulic power and efficiency are key design features for the new 313D2 L, with hydraulic flows to 67 gpm (254 L/min) and a main-relief pressure of 44,204 psi (30 500 kPa). The power of the hydraulic system allows the new excavators to take on demanding digging and lifting tasks and to develop high hydraulic horsepower to efficiently handle the demands of powered work tools. Electronic controls match engine speed and hydraulic demand, and flow is reduced when controls are in neutral to reduce fuel consumption and component wear.

The hydraulic system features a new design with shorter lines that reduce friction and pressure drops, resulting in an overall more efficient use of power. Hydraulic snubbers at the rod end of the boom cylinders and both ends of the stick cylinder cushion end-of-stroke movement, and both boom and stick circuits have regeneration valves that reduce pumping loads in the hydraulic system and promote increased fuel economy. The hydraulic system also has boom- and swing-priority modes, which are automatically selected to match joystick movement.

Versatility is enhanced with a complete range of available buckets and work tools, including grapples, thumbs, hydraulic hammers, and compactors. An available Cat Pin Grabber hydraulic coupler allows operators to change non-powered work tools without leaving the cab. Visit for a full list of available work tools. An auxiliary valve is standard, and Caterpillar also offers field-installed hydraulic kits designed to integrate Cat work tools.


Caterpillar uses advanced engineering and software to analyze structures, creating a durable, reliable machine for the most demanding applications. More than 70 percent of structural welds are robotic and achieve three times the penetration, compared with manual welds.

The carbody's X-shaped, box-section design resists bending, and track-roller frames are press-formed in a strong pentagonal shape. Sealed and grease-lubricated track chains reduce pin-and-bushing wear and reduce travel noise. Travel motors have automatic speed selection, allowing the 313D2 L to change between high and low speed ranges as the operating situation demands.

The 8.17-foot (2.5-meter) HD stick incorporates new forging and welding processes for increased durability, digging force, and lifting capacity. The 15.25-foot (4.65-meter) one-piece reach boom features components fabricated from a new, stronger forging pattern, and a light attached to the left side offers improved visibility in low-light conditions. A bolt-on falling-objects guard system (FOGS) is available, are heavy-duty bottom and swivel guards.

Operating environment

The 313D2 L's spacious cab is designed with easy-to-reach controls and uses special viscous mounts to significantly reduce vibration and sound. A thick steel tube along the bottom perimeter of the cab further reduces vibration and enhances resistance to fatigue.

The mechanical-suspension seat is comfortable and accommodating (an air-suspension model is available), joystick controllers are adjustable with a low-effort pilot design, and a standard air-conditioning/defrosting system further contribute to operator comfort, convenience, and safety. Large glass areas in the cab provide all-around visibility, and for added safety, the front upper windshield is laminated. The monitor is a full-color LCD-type that can display information in 28 languages, including Chinese.

For operator and service technician safety, the hydraulic-activation lever locks out all hydraulic functions when the operator exits the cab. A full-length fire wall separates the engine compartment from the hydraulic-pump compartment, and a ground-level engine-shut-off switch stops the engine in an emergency. Also, anti-skid plating with countersunk retainers helps the operator and technician move around the machine with added safety.

Serviceability and technology

Most routine service points for the 313D2 L can be reached from ground level, with the highly efficient water separator and fuel filters conveniently positioned in an easily accessible compartment that encloses the radiator, oil cooler, and air-conditioner condenser. Taps for hydraulic system pressures and S·O·SSM (Scheduled Oil Sampling) ports for hydraulic fluid, coolant, and engine oil are easily accessible. A greasing manifold allows lubrication of remote pivots, and the hydraulic-system return filter has a service interval of 2,000 hours.

The 313D2 L's Product Link™ telematics system provides vital information (including machine location, fuel consumption, utilization, and diagnostic codes) via the Cat VisionLink® web-based interface to assist in timely, efficient fleet management.


313D2 L Specifications



Cat C4.4

Net Power (ISO 14396)

75 kW (100 hp)

Operating weight

13 500 kg (29,762 lb)

Tail-swing radius

2 140 mm (7 ft.)

Max. digging depth

5 580 mm (18.33 ft.)

Max. reach – horizontal

8 220 m (28 ft.)

Max. travel speed

5.6  km/h (3.5 mph)

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