Cat® 320D2 GC Designed for Optimum Life Cycle Value, Featuring New Fuel-Efficient Engine, Hydraulic Refinement, and Enhanced Safety

Cat® 320D2 GC Designed for Optimum Life Cycle Value, Featuring New Fuel-Efficient Engine, Hydraulic Refinement, and Enhanced Safety

For Release in South America, Africa, Middle East, CIS, Asia Pacific: November 2015
Release Number: 327PR15

The new Cat® 320D2 GC excavator, with a maximum operating weight of 20,800 kg, features a design that ensures maximum life cycle value for the customer, bringing together long-term durability, field-proven reliability, productivity, and low operating costs. An electronically controlled Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA equivalent and China Stage III Nonroad emission standards and lowers fuel consumption as much as 17 percent, depending on the regional configuration, compared to the Cat C7.1 engine used in the former model. The new 320D2 GC maintains the digging, lifting, and production capabilities needed to take on several tasks, while retaining such premium features as a powerful hydraulic system, heavy-duty main structures, and an operator’s station designed for optimum comfort and convenience.

Rated at 85 (net) kW, the new Cat C4.4 ACERT engine’s electronic fuel-injection system ensures optimum fuel efficiency and performance, and a new high-efficiency fuel-filtration system protects injectors from contaminants that can cause damage and deposits. Also, a new cooling fan provides optimum temperature control, while reducing power draw on the engine and lowering observer sound levels by a significant 2 dB(A). An Automatic Engine Control system reduces engine speed when full power is not required, thus saving fuel, and operating costs are further reduced by oil changes that require nearly 30 less oil than did the C7.1 engine.

Hydraulics, work tools, structures

Hydraulic refinement for the 320D2 GC includes powerful, efficient, variable-displacement pumps designed and built by Caterpillar and delivering flows to 428 L/min at relief pressures to 35 00 kPa. Oil-regeneration systems for the boom and digging-arm circuits transfer oil exhausting from cylinders to the opposite side of the cylinders, reducing flow required from the main pumps and resulting in faster response, precise control, and reduced fuel consumption.

The 320D2 GC’s boom and digging arm, fabricated as large box-section structures with internal baffles to absorb twisting forces, are robotically welded for optimum strength, providing weld depths with three times the penetration of manual welds to ensure robust durability. The X-shaped, box-section carbody is designed to resist torsional bending and dissipate stress throughout the foundation of the machine, and the massive track-roller frames are press formed for superior strength. Track rollers are sealed to resist dirt intrusion, and the grease-lubricated track chains extend undercarriage life and significantly reduce sound levels when traveling.

Operator comfort and safety

Designed to comfortably accommodate a variety of operators, the 320D2 GC’s operators station provides seat and joystick adjustments. Controls and switches are designed to be intuitive for the operator, and a powerful heating/ventilating system with 10 outlets ensures year-round comfort. An LCD display, programmable in 42 languages, keeps the operator informed about the machine’s critical operating parameters and gives timely cautions and warnings about machine functions.

The 320D2 GC’s cab provides excellent all-around visibility for the operator. The hydraulic lockout lever prevents all hydraulic and travel functions when moved backward to the locked position, and the operator cannot exit the cab unless the lever is so positioned.

For further operator safety, a ground-level shutdown switch stops fuel flow to the engine in emergencies. Three circuit breakers protect critical electrical components from damage, and a battery-disconnect switch enhances service-technician safety, as well as serving as theft

deterrent. Both operator and technician are further protected by a full-length firewall that separates the engine and hydraulic-pump compartments.

Serviceability/Cat Technologies

The 320D2 GC features ground-level access to most routine service points, including pumps and filters, which are located behind a service door on the right side. The left rear service door allows easy access to the radiator, oil cooler, air-to-air after cooler, and AC condenser.

A reserve tank and drain valve attached to the radiator simplify service, and a central grease block on the boom allows easily lubricating hard-to-reach locations on the front linkage. S•O•SSM (Scheduled Oil Sampling) ports ensure quality samples from circulating fluid in the engine-oil, hydraulic and cooling systems. Convenient hydraulic test ports allow safe, accurate checks of system pressures.

LINK technologies provide wireless connectivity to equipment, allowing access to essential information needed for efficient business operations. LINK data provide valuable insight into machine and fleet performance, allowing timely, fact-based decisions that can boost job-site efficiency and productivity.

Product Link™, a powerful telematics system deeply integrated into the machine, can significantly enhance equipment management with timely, actionable information. Easy access to information such as machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, and event codes—via the online VisionLink interface—can help effectively manage fleets and lower operating costs.

320D2 GC Specifications

  Asia Pacific & China Africa, Middle East, CIS, South America
Engine Cat C4.4 ACERT

Cat 4.4 ACERT

Rated net power 

93 kW

93 kW
Op. weight, minimum 20 100 kg 20 200 kg
Op. weight, maximum 20 700 kg 20 800 kg
Dig depth, maximum 6 640 mm 6 730 mm
Reach at Ground line, max. 9 780 mm 9 870 mm
Load height, max 6 570mm 6 490 mm
Bucket capacity range 0.9 m3 1.0  m3


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