Cat® Excavators to Meet China Stage III Emissions Standards with Proven Technology

Cat® Excavators to Meet China Stage III Emissions Standards with Proven Technology

For Release in China: September 2015
Release Number: 237PR15

Caterpillar is updating its hydraulic excavator line for China this year to offer proven diesel engine emissions control systems that meet China Stage III Nonroad Mobile emissions standards. The same technology has been working successfully in thousands of Cat® machines operating around the world. Those machines have delivered the target emissions reductions as well as consistent fuel efficiency and productive, reliable performance. 

Eighteen Cat excavator models are included in the update. They range in size from approximately 13 tonnes to 90 tonnes, and they include both crawler track and wheel models. All of the machines will be available in China well before the April 1, 2016 deadline that prohibits sales of machines not meeting the new emissions regulations. In fact, several new large excavators become available for order in July this year. This group includes two new F Series machines, which deliver class-leading productivity achieved through a new Cat hydraulic control system.

The Cat Stage III engine emissions control technology features robust components designed for the life of the machine. The systems require no operator intervention, and they do not interrupt work for tasks such as regeneration of particulate filters. They are designed to require only minimal maintenance. Additionally, the updated excavators feature fuel filtration systems that help ensure that low quality fuels will not damage fuel injection system components and result in an increase in exhaust emissions and a decrease in excavator performance.

Fuel efficient excavators

Cat excavators are designed to operate as efficiently as possible for the task at hand—doing the work expected with the least amount of fuel. Optimizing fuel efficiency cuts costs and minimizes exhaust emissions, so it is appropriate that the updated excavators all feature Economy Mode. This feature maintains breakout forces and lift capacity while reducing engine speed, thus reducing fuel consumption. Of course full speed operation for maximum production is available at the touch of a button.

Three large excavators, the 349D2, 374F L and 390F L will be available in China Stage III configuration soon. New for the F Series models is the Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve, which electronically manages flows and restrictions to exactly match hydraulic response to joystick movement. This fuel-saving feature adds controllability and overall hydraulic efficiency. The two F Series excavators also offer class-leading productivity in the most demanding applications. The 349D2 also features efficient hydraulics teamed with Economy Mode—for fuel savings of 9 percent compared to its predecessor.

Four additional large excavators, the 336D2 GC, 336D2, 336D2 XE and 340D2 L, will be available in China Stage III configuration for order later in the year. All of the large excavators are designed for high productivity and extended durability, and they now feature longer service intervals, such as engine oil and filter service every 500 hours.

Five medium excavators, the 320D2 GC, 320D2, 323D2 L, 326D2 L and 330D2 L, also will be updated to meet China Stage III emissions standards. These Cat medium excavators all feature an optimized control system to manage engine and hydraulic pump speed for enhanced fuel efficiency. A variable speed fan with a viscous clutch saves fuel and reduces noise. The new cab improves visibility and the new operator station offers greater operator comfort and an easy-to-use LCD monitor with 40 percent larger screen.

Three small excavators, the 313D2 GC, 313D2 and 318D2, are being updated to meet China Stage III emissions standards. The 313D2 GC will replace the 312D2 GC. Cat small excavators are designed for versatility and ease of transport. The updated machines feature low-effort, piloted-operated joystick controls for improved controllability. The new cab and operator station also enhance comfort and visibility, and the automatic boom and swing priority function selects the most efficient work mode based on joystick movement—with no work mode selection required from the operator.

In addition to the crawler track excavators, three updated wheel excavators will be available in China Stage III configuration. The M315D2, M317D2 and M320D2 feature high travel speed and expanded versatility. The load-sensing hydraulic system and dedicated swing pump provide fast cycle times, increased lift capacity and high bucket and stick forces to maximize productivity. The constant power strategy delivers the same amount of power regardless of operating conditions, which promotes safe and productive operation.

For more information about the updated Cat hydraulic excavators, customers should contact the local Cat dealer.



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