Cat® GX New Classic Excavators Bring More Benefits to China Customers



For Release in China: November 2020
Release Number: 929PR20

Contractors seeking reliable performance at a lower cost will find it in the new Cat® 320 GX and 323 GX hydraulic excavators. The new dirt diggers feature classic Cat D Series quality coupled with modern upgrades. Along with the enhanced 320 and standard 320 GC models, the new classic GX excavators give contractors even more choices to meet their needs. 

“Our new GX lineup offers lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, and lower initial purchase price compared to our popular GC models,” said Giacomo Bottone, worldwide director for Caterpillar’s medium excavator family. “Plus, performance and reliability are as strong as any similarly configured models from competitive manufacturers.” 

Fuel consumption

The 320 GX and 323 GX consume up to 15% less fuel than the 320D2 GC and 323D2L. The improvements come primarily from an electronically controlled valve that precisely directs hydraulic power where it needs to go exactly when it needs to go there. A choice of two modes — Power and Smart — also helps operators manage fuel consumption. Power mode is the traditional setting where operators can manually dial engine speed up or down based on their work. Smart mode does the work for the operator by automatically adapting engine speed up for hard digging and down for lighter loading, resulting in higher operating efficiency.

Lower maintenance costs

The 320 GX and 323 GX maintenance costs are up to 25% less than 320D2 GC and 323D2 due to extended maintenance intervals and easy access to consolidated filters. Hydraulic, air, and fuel filters have increased capacity for longer life. Service intervals for fuel filters extend from 500 to 1,000 hours and from 2,000 to 3,000 hours for the hydraulic return filter. Compared to some key competitor models, GX excavators require fewer parts with less fluids to do preventative maintenance. Fewer parts, less fluids, and longer service intervals mean GX excavators will spend more time doing more work.

Operator efficiency

The GX cab design reduces operator effort. The seat adjusts to accommodate operators of all sizes, and machine controls are in front to eliminate twisting and turning. Cab sealing, pressurization, and a fresh air filter work to reduce noise and improve overall air quality. Large glass and narrow cab pillars enhance visibility, and a rearview camera is an available option. The touchscreen monitor allows operators to control most machine settings, including joystick pattern and response. Operator ID saves the settings and restores them at login for a quick return to work. Convenience features include an integrated AM/FM radio, a built-in USB and auxiliary port for connecting and charging devices, a 24V DC outlet for faster charging, and ample storage for a cup, a cell phone, a lunchbox, and other items.

Productive technology

Product Link™ telematics complement the overall efficiency of the GX excavators. The system automatically and accurately collects machine information, including location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, maintenance alerts, diagnostic codes, and machine health — all viewable online through web and mobile applications. VisionLink® provides online access to Product Link data, which allows operators to make informed decisions that help increase productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve jobsite safety and security.

Safety and security

The GX excavators have keyless push-button start that uses the Operator ID code to help prevent theft. Ground-level access to filters, drains, and scheduled oil sampling ports makes routine maintenance easy and safe. Handrails, serrated steps, and anti-skid surfaces with recessed bolts make getting in, out, and up the excavator trouble free. The tool/storage box, fuel door, hydraulic oil fill, and fuel drain compartment are lockable for added security.

Configuration choices

The 320 GX and 323 GX are available with reach fronts. The new Cat General Duty Excavation bucket features a shallow profile, angled sides, and built-in airholes to make it perfect for moving soft, wet, sticky material fast. GX excavators also come equipped with a hammer-ready valve to help operators take on even more tasks.

“When contractors use a new classic GX, they are getting more than a reliable excavator with lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance cost, and lower purchase price,” said Bottone. “They are also getting unequalled support from our Cat dealer network with years of experience and know-how. It is a winning combination that can’t be beat.”

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GX Product Specifications


320 GX

323 GX


Cat® C4.4

Cat C4.4

Engine Power (ISO 14396)

108 kW (145 hp)

129 kW (174 hp)

Operating weight

19 699 kg (43,429 lb.)

21 350 kg (47,069)

Maximum pressure

35 000 kPa (5,075 psi)

35 000 kPa (5,075 psi)

Maximum flow

429 L/min (113.4 gal/min)

429 L/min (113.4 gal/min)

Maximum dig depth*

6430 mm (21’ 1”)

6710 mm (23’3”)

*320 GX: R5.7 m (18’8”) boom with R2.7 m (8’9”) stick; 323 GX: R5.7 (18’8”) boom with R2.9 m (9’6”) stick

Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan
at minimum speed, air intake system, exhaust system, and alternator




Cat 320 GX Excavator


Cat 323 GX Excavator


Cat 323 GX Excavator


Giacomo Bottone, worldwide director for Caterpillar’s medium excavators

Cat 323 GX Excavator
Cat 323 GX Excavator
Medium Excavators



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