Fuel-Efficient Cat® 330D2 L Excavator Features Powerful Performance, Application Versatility, Superior Reliability and Long-Term Durability

Fuel-Efficient Cat® 330D2 L Excavator Features Powerful Performance, Application Versatility, Superior Reliability and Long-Term Durability

For Release in South America, excluding Brazil, Africa, Middle East, CIS, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Indonesia & India: December 2015
Release Number: 363PR15

The new Cat® 330D2 L hydraulic excavator, with a maximum operating weight of 30 305 kg, features a fuel-efficient, 157-kW Cat C7.1 ACERT™ engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II equivalent emission standards and uses three-stage fuel-filtration for optimum protection of fuel-delivery components in areas with lesser fuel quality. The new machine is designed for high productivity, versatility, low operating costs, exceptional reliability, and long-term durability with heavy-duty main structures throughout. Premium features include a powerful hydraulic system with available auxiliary circuits, quiet, comfortable cab that promotes optimum operator productivity, and easy routine maintenance for reduced owning and operating costs.

Engine and hydraulics

An automatic engine-speed-control system reduces engine speed during no-load/light-load conditions for added fuel savings, and the speed of the variable fan automatically adjusts to the exact cooling needs of the machine for reduced sound levels and fuel economy. The radial-seal air filter features a double-layer filter core for maximum filtration capability, and a restriction indicator displays service requirements. The air-intake system is further protected with an efficient pre-cleaner. In addition, the electric fuel-priming pump eliminates the need for manual priming of fuel after filter changes and reduces the risk of fuel contamination by preventing unfiltered fuel from being backfilled during filter changes.

The 330D2 L features a powerful pilot-operated hydraulic system with two main pumps that produce implement flows to 480 L/min. at a relief pressure of 35 MPa. The system is designed to utilize 100 percent of engine power for maximum hydraulic efficiency. Regeneration valves in the boom-down and stick-in circuits speed cycles, reduce hydraulic flow requirements, conserve fuel and reduce operating costs.

Cylinder snubbers cushion shock in the boom and stick circuits to protect hydraulic components and increase operator comfort. Auxiliary-hydraulic-valve control circuits are available to extend versatility and allow use of high- and medium-pressure work tools, such as shears, grapples, hammers, pulverizers, multi-processors and vibratory plate compactors.


The 330D2 L features a long undercarriage with 3 990 mm of track-on-ground, proving a large platform for optimum performance in heavy digging and lifting operations. A 5.9-metric ton counterweight enhances heavy-lifting performance, with counterweights are bolted directly to the mainframe for added rigidity.

The undercarriage features heavy-duty components, with lubricated/sealed track rollers and grease-lubricated/sealed track chains. A heavy-duty, X-shaped, box-section carbody resists torsional stress as it transfers working forces from the upper mainframe to the massive, press-formed track-roller frames. Structural welds are 95 percent robotic, achieving three times the penetration of manual welds.

The 330D2 L can be fitted with a choice of front-linkage configurations to accommodate the application. The heavy-duty 6.15-meter reach boom is reinforced and intended for use in severe applications. Booms have two stick options: 3.2-meter and 2.65-meter. Booms and sticks use box-section construction with high-tensile-strength steel for optimum digging forces.

The mass excavation front linkage is designed to optimize machine performance with superior digging forces and a larger bucket. The 5.55-meter boom features a large cross section and is reinforced with internal baffle plates for added durability. The mass-excavation boom uses a 2.5 meter stick.

Cat buckets for the 330D2 L are designed to match machine capabilities, ensuring high production and reduced fuel consumption. Buckets include general-duty for low-impact, moderately abrasive materials; heavy-duty configurations for mixed materials and cohesive soils and severe-duty configurations for highly abrasive materials. Available couplers, including the Cat Pin Grabber type, allow fast work-tool changes.

Operator environment

Operators can adjust the right and left joystick consoles to their liking, and the low-effort joysticks allow precise, proportional control of hydraulic functions. A high-resolution LCD monitor, programmable in 42 languages, alerts the operator to abnormal temperatures and pressures, plus reminds about fluid/filter changes. Large glass areas enhance all-around visibility, and automatic bi-level air conditioning and fully adjustable suspension seats provide optimum operator comfort.

Serviceability and technology

Service doors in the upper structure provide easy, ground-level access to the main pumps, pilot filter, water-separator/fuel-filter, radiator, oil coolers, charge-air cooler and fuel cooler. An easily accessible remote greasing block on the boom delivers lubrication to difficult-to-reach components, promoting safety and ensuring that all linkage points are serviced to reduce wear and to extend component life. Scheduled Oil Sampling ports allow technicians to collect reliable samples of hydraulic oil, engine oil and coolant from circulating systems.

For added customer value, the 330D2 L can incorporate Cat Connect technologies, including Product Link, which provides essential machine-operation information through the VisionLink® user interface. Information includes machine location, operating hours, fuel usage, idle time and event codes. For added job-site safety, Cat Detect technologies combine technologies that increase the operator’s awareness of the machine’s surroundings. 

330D2 L Product Specifications

Engine Cat C7.1 ACERT
Net power  (ISO 9249) 157 kW
Operating weight, min. 28 955kg**
Operating weight, max. 30 305 kg ***
Drawbar pull  248 kN
Main hydraulic pressure 35 MPa
Max. hydraulic flow 480 L/min
Max. digging depth range 6 140 to 7290 mm

Max. reach at ground level range

9 470 to 10720 mm

** HD Reach configuration
***Mass configuration


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