New Cat 320D2/D2 L Features Robust Fuel System, Powerful Hydraulics, and Durable Structures for Optimum Performance

New Cat® 320D2/D2 L Features Robust Fuel System, Powerful Hydraulics, and Durable Structures for Optimum Performance

For Release in India: June 2016
Release Number: 179PR16

The new Cat® 320D2/D2 L hydraulic excavator, with a maximum operating weight of 22 300 kg (49,200 lb.), is available in both standard-length and long undercarriage configurations and can be fitted with multiple front linkages to match the machine to the application. In addition, available couplers allow use of a range of Cat work tools, further increasing application versatility. Engineered with proven Cat components to deliver high production and fuel-efficient performance, the 320D2/D2 L features an emissions-compliant Cat C7.1 ACERT engine, powerful hydraulic system, and heavy-duty main structures that ensure long-term durability.

Performance and structures

The Cat C7.1 ACERT engine, rated at 109 kW (146 hp), is mechanically controlled and uses a low-pressure fuel system that operates robustly and reliably in areas where fuel might be of lesser quality. The engine meets US EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA equivalent emissions standards and features an Economy Mode that provides increased fuel economy, compared with the previous model, with no compromise in digging and lifting forces. A variable-speed fan with a viscous clutch further reduces fuel consumption.

The implement hydraulic system features a new, high-efficiency main pump that ensures powerful, rapid response of hydraulic functions. The system produces a maximum flow of 404 L/min. (107 gpm) at a relief pressure of 35 MPa (5,076 psi), ensuring optimum hydraulic horsepower for high digging and lifting forces. Multiple auxiliary-hydraulic-system options are available to meet specific applications requirements, and multiple hydro-mechanical couplers are available to handle a range of work tools.


The 320D2/D2 L uses heavy-duty main-frames, including a modified X-frame carbody (lower frame) engineered for durability. The boom and available sticks are robotically welded and feature a heavy-plate design. The new model uses a 5.7-meter (18.67-ft.) reach boom and a 2.5-meter (8.16 ft.) stick. A selection of Cat buckets allows matching machine performance to earthmoving requirements for greatest efficiency.

Operating convenience and safety

The 320D2/D2 L features an ergonomically designed cab with low-effort, intuitive controls. A fully adjustable seat and adjustable control-lever consoles enhance operator comfort and convenience. Large glass areas provide optimum visibility, and the cab is designed to minimize sound levels.

For the safety of the operator and others on the job site, 320D2/D2 L is equipped with a hydraulic-activation lever that locks out all hydraulic functions when in its raised position. For the protection of the operator and technicians serving the machine, walking surfaces on the machine use anti-skid plating and countersunk bolts to reduce the prospect of slips and falls.

A full-length firewall separates the pump compartment from the engine compartment and a ground-level engine shutdown switch is provided to stop the engine in emergencies.

Serviceability and technology

For convenience and safety, most of the 320D2/D2 L’s routine service points can be reached from ground level. Highly efficient fuel filters are remote-mounted and readily accessible, and the number of fuel filters are two, to lower overall operating costs. Fuel-filter-change intervals are 500 hours. To facilitate machine-health checks, pressure taps for fluid systems and S·O·SSM (scheduled oil sampling) ports are located for quick access.

The 320D2/D2 L is equipped with the Cat Product Link telematics system, a powerful system that collects data from multiple sensors integrated into the machine, then wirelessly transmits this information to the Cat VisionLink® system, the web-based interface that allows machine users to quickly access pertinent data, such as machine location, fuel consumption, idle time, utilization, and maintenance scheduling. In addition, a suite of Caterpillar-developed technologies allows the machine owners to improve the efficiency and safety of their job sites.

320D2 L Specifications



Cat C7.1 ACERT™

Net Power (SAE J1349)

109 kW (146 hp)

Operating weight, max., kg (lb.)

22 300 kg (49 200 lb.)

Hydraulic flow, L/min. (gpm)

404 L/min (106.6 gpm)

Hydraulic pressure, MPa (psi)

35 (5,076)

Drawbar pull, kN (lb.)

205 (45,581)

Max. travel speed, km/h (mph)

5.4 (3.4 mph)

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