New Cat® 336D2 XE/D2 L XE Hydraulic Excavator Features Fuel-Saving Design

For Release in South America, China, Asia Pacific (excluding Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Turkey): February 2015
Release Number: 64PR15

Caterpillar is pleased to announce availability of the new 336D2 XE hybrid hydraulic excavator.  This new machine is the first of its kind and is designed to reduce fuel costs by as much as 25 percent. The 336D2 XE is ideal for customers seeking the same power and productivity of a standard 336D2 while significantly reducing owning and operating costs. 

The 336D2 XE uses a number of different technologies to achieve low fuel consumption. The excavator conserves fuel with engine power management via the Cat® Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) hydraulic pump; it optimizes performance using hydraulic flow restriction management via the patented Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve; and it reuses energy via the hydraulic hybrid swing, which captures swing brake energy in a nitrogen-charged hydraulic accumulator and then releases the energy during swing acceleration. The unique ACS valve seamlessly controls implement motion so that operators experience low effort precise control whatever the application. 

Additional fuel savings for the XE result from the lower operating speed of its 208-kW (278-horsepower) Cat C9 ACERT™ engine. An automatic engine speed control feature further reduces fuel consumption by lowering engine speed during no-load or light-load conditions. Another way of lowering owning and operating costs is by running the machine in ECO mode with no loss of digging forces or lift capacity.  A high efficiency fuel filtration system protects the engine from lesser quality fuel, and an electric fuel priming pump eliminates pre-filling filters, thus reducing a possible source of contamination. The C9 ACERT engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II/China Tier 2 equivalent emission standards and can operate on up to B20 bio-fuel blends that meet ASTM 6751 standards. 

Hydraulic efficiency

The ESP pump used in the hybrid design has a larger displacement than that of the standard 336D2, allowing the new pump to produce the hydraulic flow and pressure of the 336D2 while operating at a lower speed. The precise control of the patented ACS valve is at the core of the system and optimizes pump output.

The XE also uses hydraulic oil regeneration in the boom-down and stick-in circuits, directly transferring oil exiting the cylinder to the opposite side of the cylinder, thus reducing the volume of oil needed from the main pump, saving fuel and reducing system heat. For added operator comfort and reduced shock loads on the machine, the rod end of the boom cylinders and both ends of the stick cylinder use end-of-stroke snubbers.

Advanced features

The XE features low-effort, joystick controls housed in adjustable consoles, and the full-color, 42-language LED monitor keeps operators informed of critical operating information. The design of the cab ensures a spacious, quiet, comfortable environment for the operator and includes such features as pressurization with filtered air and exceptional visibility from large, windows.

Heavy-duty major structures ensure long-term durability for the XE. The mainframe and X-shaped carbody provide exceptional resistance to torsional bending, and press-formed track-roller frames ensure a solid foundation for the undercarriage, which is available in both standard-length and long-length (336D2 L XE) versions. Sealed and lubricated track chains, track rollers, carrier rollers and idlers further ensure long service life from the undercarriage.

The front linkage is constructed for long life and provides optional configurations for tailoring the machine to the task. Heavy duty reach and mass excavation booms are available, as well as a choice of reach sticks, heavy duty reach sticks and mass excavation sticks. Digging depths to 8210 mm (26 ft 11 inches) are available. A selection of Cat buckets and work tools—including compactors, grapples, multi-processors, rippers, crushers, pulverizers, hammers and shears—increase machine versatility.

Excellent serviceability is a focus of the design, including routine service points accessible from ground level, maintenance free batteries (with a disconnect switch), and an easily accessed greasing block on the boom to reach difficult points on the front linkage. The radiator and oil cooler are positioned side-by-side for easy cleaning, the fuel and oil filters are spin-on type, and ports for checking pressures and extracting oil samples are easy to reach. For added safety, the cooling fan is enclosed in a protective guard and non-skid plates are used on upper-structure surfaces.

To assist customers in managing the 336D2 XE for optimum return on investment, Cat Connect offers LINK, GRADE, and DETECT technologies. VisionLink® provides wireless access to machine operating data—such as location, hours, idle time, fuel usage, productivity and diagnostic codes to optimize performance. AccuGrade provides real-time cut and fill information to assist operators in more quickly and more accurately attaining the proper grade. DETECT technology enhances operator awareness through the use of a rearview camera and object detection alerts.

Machine Specifications

Engine  Cat C9 ACERT
Net power, kW (hp)  208 (278)
Operating weight, kg (lb)   35600 (78,500)
Max. dig depth, mm (ft)  8210 (26.9)
Hydraulic flow, L/m (gpm)  530 (140)
Max. pressure, kPa (psi)   35000 (5,076)


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