313D2 L (2017)

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A new, comfortable cab, unmatched versatility and improved controls help make the Cat® 313D2 L an industry-leading performer. With engine enhancements that save fuel and a range of work tools for multi-tasking, this model leads in its size class.


Engine Power - ISO 9249 91.0 HP 68.0 kW Less
Engine Model C4.4 C4.4 Less
Engine Power - ISO 14396 100.0 HP 75.0 kW Less
Bore 4.13 in 105.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.0 in 127.0 mm Less
Displacement 269.0 in³ 4.4 l Less

Hydraulic System

Main System - Maximum Flow 254 l/min (67 gal/min) 254 l/min (67 gal/min) Less
Maximum Pressure - Equipment 4420.0 psi 30500.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Swing 3340.0 psi 23000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Travel 5080.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 12.2 r/min 12.2 r/min Less
Maximum Swing Torque 22825.0 ft·lbf 30.9 kN·m Less


Operating Weight 29320.0 lb 13300.0 kg Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 66.0 gal (US) 250.0 l Less
Cooling System 4.7 gal (US) 19.0 l Less
Engine Oil 4.2 gal (US) 16.0 l Less
Swing Drive 0.8 gal (US) 3.0 l Less
Final Drive - Each 0.8 gal (US) 3.0 l Less
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 22.7 gal (US) 86.0 l Less
Hydraulic Tank 19.0 gal (US) 72.0 l Less


Boom HD 4.65 m (15'3") HD 4.65 m (15'3") Less
Stick 2.5 m HD (8'2") 2.5 m HD (8'2") Less
Bucket SD .65 m³ (.85 yd³) SD .65 m³ (.85 yd³) Less
Shipping Height - Top of Cab 9.25 ft 2830.0 mm Less
Handrail Height 9.25 ft 2830.0 mm Less
Shipping Length 25.0 ft 7610.0 mm Less
Tail Swing Radius 7.0 ft 2140.0 mm Less
Counterweight Clearance 2.92 ft 900.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 1.42 ft 440.0 mm Less
Track Length 12.33 ft 3750.0 mm Less
Length to Center of Rollers 10.0 ft 3040.0 mm Less
Track Gauge 6.5 ft 1990.0 mm Less
Transport Width 8.2 ft 2490.0 mm Less

Working Ranges & Forces

Maximum Digging Depth 18.2 ft 5540.0 mm Less
Boom HD 4.65 m (15'3") HD 4.65 m (15'3") Less
Stick 2.5 m HD (8'2") 2.5 m HD (8'2") Less
Bucket SD .65 m³ (.85 yd³) SD .65 m³ (.85 yd³) Less
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 26.9 ft 5220.0 mm Less
Maximum Cutting Height 27.9 ft 8520.0 mm Less
Maximum Loading Height 19.9 ft 6060.0 mm Less
Minimum Loading Height 6.4 ft 1970.0 mm Less
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 17.6 ft 5380.0 mm Less
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 5050.0 ft 16.6 mm Less
Bucket Digging Force - ISO 21356.8 lbf 95.0 kN Less
Stick Digging Force - ISO 14612.6 lbf 65.0 kN Less


  • The powerful, efficient Cat® C4.4 mechanical engine offers up to 14% lower fuel consumption than the model it replaces with no loss of lifting or digging force.
  • The low-pressure fuel system with an electrically controlled governor allows the engine to be more robust with quality fuel.
  • Boom and stick regeneration valves help reduce fuel consumption.
  • Highly efficient hydraulic pumps deliver optimal power to suit general construction applications.
  • The machine's China Nonroad Stage III and U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA equivalent engine can run on biodiesel up to B20 that meets ASTM 6751 standards.


  • Site prep and finishing work are quick and easy with a wide range of Cat work tools.
  • Utility work is fast and flawless with a Cat bucket and compactor.
  • A coupler lets you swap between attachments in seconds without leaving the cab.
  • See the whole money-making attachment line for your machine at www.cat.com/attachments.


  • The hydraulic activation lever safely locks out all hydraulic functions.
  • Anti-skid plating and countersunk bolts reduce slipping in severe conditions and during routine checks.
  • A full-length firewall separates the pump compartment from the engine.


  • The modified X-frame structure provides a long service life.
  • Robotically welded booms and sticks with internal baffle plates are standard.
  • Greased track link between pins and bushings increases undercarriage life and reduces noise.


  • The cab is ergonomically designed cab with easy-to-reach controls.
  • Multiple seat and joystick adjustment options enhance comfort.
  • Excellent work site visibility from the cab enhances productivity and safety.
  • Low-effort joystick controls reduce operator fatigue.
  • The automatic climate control system with 10 vents maximizes comfort.


  • Most service locations can be accessed at ground level.
  • The fuel filtration system has two filters, both located in the radiator compartment, rather than three filters as in the 312D, lowering O&O costs and simplifying service.
  • Remote-mounted filters reduce the time to service the machine.
  • Pressure taps and S·O·S ports help maximize uptime.


  • Cat Connect technology solutions increase production and minimize operating costs.
  • Link technologies wirelessly connect you to your job site providing essential business information (VisionLink®, Product Link™).