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Power Train

The Caterpillar power train gets the job done smoothly and quickly.


The twelve-cylinder, turbocharged and aftercooled engine is built for power, reliability, economy and with the HEUI fuel system, meets all worldwide emission standards.

Engine/Power Train Integration

Combining the electronic Engine Control Module (ECM) with the Caterpillar Transmission Chassis Controller (TCC) allows critical power train components to work more intelligently.

Oil-cooled Rear Brakes

Reliable braking lets the operator concentrate on the haul road.


The backbone of the Cat truck.

Truck Bodies

Caterpillar builds a variety of rugged, durable bodies to perform in the toughest mining applications.

Operator Station

Control ease and comfort maximizes productivity.

Automatic Retarder Control (Optional)

Electronically controls braking on grades for improved engine and brake component life.

Traction Control System (Optional)

Electronically controls wheel slippage for improved performance.


The 773D is designed for versatility.

Serviceability/Total Customer Support

Purchase of a Caterpillar machine includes a total commitment to customer support.