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Hydrostatic Drive, Electronically Controlled

The electronically controlled hydrostatic drive helps provide quick response for shorter cycle times and increased productivity.


Provides power, reliability and acts as a working counterweight in the rear of the machine for optimum machine balance.

Operator Station and Controls

Designed for operator comfort and ease of operation.

Computerized Monitoring System (CMS)

Quickly indicates servicing needs to reduce downtime and improve machine availability.


Box-section main frame is designed to handle heavy loads, while Z-Bar linkage maximizes breakout force.

Oscillating Undercarriage

Keeps more track on the ground for maximum traction and stability. Several shoe options provide best match to job conditions.

Work Tools

A variety of attachments and Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) are available to maximize performance in any application.

Special Application Attachments

Special attachments are available or can be designed on request to allow the 953C to work in special applications.

Complete Customer Support

Caterpillar's total commitment to customer support and simplified service is part of every Cat machine.

953C Standard Equipment

Air inlet heater

Alternator (24-volt, 70-amp)

Armrests, adjustable

Ashtray, cigarette lighter (24-volt)

Automatic bucket positioner

Automatic lift kickout

Back up alarm

Blower engine cooling fan

Bumper (rear)

Cab, sound suppressed with air pressurization, Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Objects Protective Structure (FOPS)

Coat hook

Control interlock

Controls (for equipment), single lever control, two-valve hydraulic, pilot operated

Crankcase guard

24-volt direct electric starting motor

Electronic Hydrostatic Control (EHC)

Engine - Caterpillar 3116T diesel engine, direct injection, turbocharged

Engine air filter, radial seal

Engine enclosure doors with locks

Extended Life Coolant

Floor mat

Front and rear retrieval hitches

Fuel priming pump

Gauge package
  • Fuel level
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Hydraulic (equipment/power train) oil
  • Temperature
  • Pump drive box oil temperature

Heater/defroster with temperature control (also standard on canopy)


Hydraulic track adjuster

Lights (2), roof mounted, forward facing (halogen)

Literature compartment in seat back

Maintenance free batteries

Operator panel
  • Computerized Monitoring System, operator action system, start-stop key and hydrostatic information/hour meter display

Pre-cleaner, air intake

Rear view mirror, inside cab mounted

Radiator guard, heavy-duty, perforated

Radio installation arragement for 12-volt radio, with speakers, converter

Retractable seat belt, 76 mm (3 in)

Seat - fabric-covered Cat Contour Series, suspended and adjustable

Segmented sprocket rims

Single lever bucket control

Sprocket guards

Storage compartments under armrests

Tinted glass

Track gauge 1.8 m (71 in)

Track - sealed and lubricated, with 2-piece master link

Track shoes - 380 mm (15 in) double bar grouser

Track guiding guards, end sections

Two-valve equipment hydraulics

Windshield and back window washers and wipers (variable intermittent front wiper)

Vandalism protection (for use with cab)
  • Lockable fuel tank cap with padlock
  • Front service door locks
  • Radiator cap access door lock
  • Ball valve - control lever disconnect

953C Optional Equipment

Air conditioner - 108 kg (239 lb)

Air suspended seat - 10 kg (22 lb)

Antifreeze - for temperatures from -37°C (-34°F) to -50°C (-58°F)

Batteries, Cat Premium, high output

  • General purpose 1.75 m3 (2.25 yd3) - 922kg (2033 lb)
  • Multi-purpose 1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3) - 1413 kg (3115 lb)
  • General purpose with flush-mounted adapters 1.75 m3 (2.25 yd3) - 1036 kg (2284 lb)

Bucket control, two lever

Bucket cutting edge, reversible, with end bits, sharpened, bolt-on for GP or MP buckets - 122 kg (269 lb)

Bucket bolt-on adapaters and tips (J300) for GP or MP bucket, set of 8, includes corner adapters
  • Long Adapters and Tips - 138 kg (304 lb)
  • Short Adapters and Tips - 137 kg (302 lb)

Bucket edge segments, bolt-on for GP or MP bucket - 82 kg (180 lb)

Bucket tips for use with flush adapters (on GP bucket), set of 8
  • Long Tips - 35 kg (77 lb)
  • Short Tips - 33 kg (73 lb)

Bucket bolt-on uniteeth, set of 8, includes 2 corner teeth - 119 kg (262 lb)

Bumper (removed) - -564 kg (-1243 lb)

Canopy, ROPS (cab removed) includes rearview mirror, 2 forward facing lights, heater, vinyl seat and vandalism protection consisting of cab vandalism package plus instrument panel guard group with padlock - -205 kg (-452 lb)

Drawbar hitch - 30 kg (66 lb)

Ether starting aid - 2 kg (4 lb)

Guards, track roller - 122 kg (270 lb)

Guards, idler - 75 kg (165 lb)

Hydraulic system
  • 3rd valve with or without lines for front or rear attachments - 22 kg (49 lb)
  • Diverter valve for use when both front and rear lines are required - 10 kg (22 lb)

Lighting system (halogen)
  • 4 lights, 2 forward with guards, 2 rear - 13 kg (28 lb)

  • Hi-ambient cooling arrangement - 9 kg (20 lb)
  • Trash resistant - 9 kg (20 lb)

Ripper/scarifier - with three ripper shanks - 67 kg (148 lb)

Sound suppression attachment (spectator) - 10 kg (22 lb)

Track shoes
  • 500 mm (20 in) double grouser - 291 kg (642 lb)
  • 500 mm (20 in) double grouser with rubber pad bonded in between grousers - 615 kg (1356 lb)