Wheel Excavators M322D2 Multi-Tasking Power with Quiet and Control

Product Specifications for M322D2



Swing Mechanism

Hydraulic System


Service Refill Capacities



Bucket Specifications

Working Ranges


Sound Performance




M322D2 Standard Equipment


  • Alternator, 75 A
  • Lights: – Halogen working lights
    • Cab mounted: two front, one rear
    • Boom
    – Roading lights
    • Halogen front lights
    • LED rear lights
  • Main shut-off switch
  • Two Cat maintenance free heavy-duty batteries
  • Signal/warning horn


  • Cat C7.1 meets China Stage III Nonroad emission standards and meets Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards
  • Automatic engine speed control, including one touch low idle
  • Automatic starting aid
  • Power mode selector (Eco and standard)
  • Altitude capability: 3000 m
  • Fuel/water separator with level indicator, fuel priming pump, water level switch and a visual restriction indicator


  • Cat XT-6 ES hoses
  • Adjustable hydraulic sensitivity
  • Oil cooler
  • Anti-drift valve for bucket cylinder
  • Hydraulic mineral oil, Cat HYDO Advanced 10 oil
  • Heavy lift mode
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system
  • Separate swing pump
  • Stick regeneration circuit


  • Reinforced cab structure compliant with 2006/42/EC (tested according to ISO 12117-2:2008) (Not available in all markets. Available only for Africa, Middle East and Eurasia. Please contact your Cat dealer for details.)
  • Washer bottle for wipers
  • Interior lighting
  • Joysticks, pilot operated
  • Literature compartment behind the seat
  • Mounting provisions for radio and speakers
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Air conditioner, heater and defroster with automatic climate control
  • Ash tray with cigarette lighter (24 volt)
  • Beverage cup/can holder
  • Bolt-on guards capability
  • Bottle holder
  • Bottom mounted, intermittent, parallel wiping system that covers the upper and lower windshield glass
  • Camera mounted on counterweight displays through cab monitor
  • Coat hook
  • Floor mat, washable, with storage compartment
  • Instrument panel and gauges, with full color monitor display: – Information and warning messages in local language – Gauges for fuel level, engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperature – Filters/fluids change interval – Indicators for headlights, turning signal, low fuel, engine dial setting – Clock with 10-day backup battery
  • Laminated front windshield
  • Left side console, tiltable, with lock out for all controls
  • Literature holder in right hand cab panel
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Parking brake
  • Positive filtered ventilation, variable speed
  • Power supply, 12V-7A
  • Rear window, emergency exit
  • Retractable seat belt, 51 mm
  • Skylight
  • Sliding door windows
  • Steering column, tiltable
  • Storage area suitable for a lunch box
  • Sunshade for windshield and skylight
  • Travel speed lock


  • Hydrostatic transmission, two speeds
  • Creeper speed
  • Full hydraulic steering with emergency capability
  • Four wheel drive
  • Two-piece drive shaft
  • Heavy Duty axles, with advanced disc brake system and travel motor with adjustable braking force
  • Oscillating front axle, lockable, with remote greasing point
  • Steps, wide, left and right
  • Toolbox, left and right


  • Automatic swing brake
  • Counterweight, 4400 kg
  • Mirrors, frame and cab
  • Cat Product Link
  • Capability to add other auxiliary hydraulic circuits
  • Caterpillar Datalink and Electronic Technician capability
  • Door locks and cab locks with Cat one-key security system
  • S·O·S quick sampling valves for engine oil, hydraulic oil and coolant

M322D2 Optional Equipment


  • Auxiliary boom and stick lines
  • Basic control circuits: – Medium pressure
    • Two-way, medium pressure circuit, for rotating or tilting of work tools
    – Tool control/multi function
    • One/two-way high pressure for hammer application or opening and closing of a work tool
  • Programmable flow and pressure for up to 10 work tools – selection via monitor
  • Quick coupler control
  • SmartBoom
  • Pattern changer


  • Overload warning device (Standard for Africa, Middle East and Eurasia)
  • Boom and stick lowering control devices (Standard for Africa, Middle East and Eurasia)


  • Booms: – One-piece boom, 5650 mm – VA boom (two piece), 5440 mm
  • Bucket linkage with or without diverter valve (Standard for Africa, Middle East and Eurasia)
  • Sticks: – 2200, 2500, 2900 mm


  • Travel alarm with three selectable modes
  • Refueling pump
  • Lights: – Rotating beacon on cab


  • Front and top guards
  • CD/MP3 radio (12V) at rear location including speakers and 12V converter
  • Windshield: – One piece – 70/30 split, openable, with visor for rain protection
  • Seats: – Vertical mechanical suspension with manual weight adjustment and mechanical lumbar support – Vertical air suspension, horizontal suspension, automatic weight adjustment, mechanical lumbar support, passive climate system, seat cushion length and angle adjustment and a seat heater
  • Auxiliary high pressure pedal


  • Undercarriages: – Blade front/outriggers rear – Outriggers front/blade rear – Outriggers front and rear (Not available in all markets. Please contact your Cat dealer for details.)
  • Tires: – Pneumatic 11.00-20 dual – Solid rubber 11.00-20 dual (Not available in all markets. Please contact your Cat dealer for details.) – Spacer rings for tires – Fenders (Not available in all markets. Please contact your Cat dealer for details.)


  • Ride Control
  • Cat Machine Security System (MSS)
  • Counterweight, 5400 kg
  • Uppercarriage access steps with integrated toolbox
  • Cab protecting guards, front and top

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