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Caterpillar electric power stands for reliable energy supply. Especially during the energy system transformation, Cat generator sets close the energy gap caused by renewable energy source such as wind and photo voltaic. Short ramp up time, low operating costs and rapid maintenance times ensures a high availability according to the need of our customers. Combined heat /cool and power solutions allow our customers to maximize the efficiency and earnings paired with low emissions. Wherever power is needed around the globe, Caterpillar is able to support you with the best products and services to maximize your profit.

Generator Set Configurations

Specific Energy Consumption Up To 6971.0 Btu/kWh Less

Engine Specifications

Engine Type 4-stroke-engine 4-stroke-engine Less
Configuration 16, 20 cylinder 16, 20 cylinder Less
Frequency At Speed 50 Hz @ 750/ 60 Hz @ 720 50 Hz @ 750/ 60 Hz @ 720 Less
Aspiration Turbocharged-aftercooled Turbocharged-aftercooled Less
Engine Rating Range 6720 - 10500 kW 6720 - 10500 kW Less
Bore 13.39 in 340.0 mm Less
Stroke 16.54 in 420.0 mm Less
Mean Effective Pressure Up To 319.0 psi 22.0 bar Less
Normal Ramp Up To 100% Load 80 s 80 s Less
Ready To Accept Loads (Preheated/Vented) 80 s 80 s Less
Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (WB I) Up To 0.406 Ib/kWh 184.0 g/kWh Less
Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (WB II) Up To 0.406 Ib/kWh 184.0 g/kWh Less
Specific Lube Oil Consumption 0.001 Ib/kWh 0.3 g/kWh Less
Swept Volume 2327.0 in³ 38.1 l/cyl Less

Generator Set Dimensions

Length - Maximum 562.0 in 14280.0 mm Less
Length - Minimum 476.0 in 12100.0 mm Less
Width - Maximum 154.0 in 3910.0 mm Less
Width - Minimum 137.0 in 3492.0 mm Less
Height - Minimum 189.0 in 4809.0 mm Less
Height - Maximum 201.0 in 5101.0 mm Less
Dry Weight - Genset (minimum) 297624.0 ton (US) 135.0 lb Less
Dry Weight - Genset (maximum) 164.0 ton (US) 361558.0 lb Less

Generator Set Specifications

Genset Rating Range 6580 - 10300 kWe 6580 - 10300 kWe Less
Fuel Type Gas Gas Less
Emission Level Up To Technische Anleitung (TA) Luft- 2002 Technische Anleitung (TA) Luft- 2002 Less
Voltage 3-13.8 kV 3-13.8 kV Less
Engine Efficiency Up To 48.0% 48.0% Less
Bore 13.39 in 340.0 mm Less
Dry Weight - Genset (maximum) 361558.0 lb 164.0 ton (US) Less
Emergency Ramp Up 10% To 100% Load 60 s 60 s Less
Height - Maximum 201.0 in 5101.0 mm Less

GCM34 Standard Equipment

Fuel System
  • Circulation module
  • Pre-pressure module
  • Separator module
  • Engine ventilation module (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)
  • Gas valve unit (GVU) (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)
  • Ignition fuel oil module (only dual fuel (DF))

Lubricating Oil System
  • Combined module: cooling water system and lube oil system
  • Lube oil separator module
  • Piping interface module

Cooling Water System
  • Combined module: see lube oil system
  • Cooling water system with radiators
  • Piping interface module

Starting System
  • Starting air compressor module
  • Starting air receiver module

Combustion Air System
  • Air filter - pocket
  • Air filter - oil bath
  • Air filter - pulse

Exhaust System
  • Exhaust gas silencer
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system
  • Oxidation catalytic (Oxicat) converter system
  • Exhaust gas ventilation module (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)

Control & Monitoring System
  • Local control panel (LCP)
  • Local data panel (LDP) / generator control panel (GCP)
  • Motor control center module (MCC)
  • Engine monitoring package
  • Gas leak detection per cylinder (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)

Mounting System
  • Elastic mounting - genset/engine

EMCP 4 Generator Set Controls

Cat generator sets provide a complete factory-built solution with fully featured standard and advanced controls. Optional accessories enhance the capabilities of the genset package-mounted control system.

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Why Choose Cat® Electric Power?

Caterpillar offers a comprehensive variety of electric power systems, customised to fit your needs. Our specialised systems deliver high power and performance in industries across the globe. With Caterpillar, you get outstanding manufacturing quality, expert support, and the essential tools and applications to complete any project.

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Application Center

Explore valuable resources for generator sizing, specification, and training materials. SpecSizer evaluates load types, collects data, and organises it to help you select the generator set that's best for you. Find product comparisons, technical data, product sizing, and more using our technical information portal (TIP) specifically created for consultants, architects, engineers, and owners.

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