Financial Solutions

Cat Financial offers you a variety of financial solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.


Finance Leases provide the option to own equipment with a bargain purchase option.

Installment Sale Contracts or Hire Purchases provide ownership with payments made over time and can often include a trade-in or down payment.

Operating Leases provide the lowest possible payments for those who plan to return the machine at the end of the lease term.  

Lines of Credit draw on pre-approved funds for faster and more convenient service when purchase plans are anticipated over a medium-term period, allowing customers to keep equity and cash for other business needs.


Cat Power Finance is a worldwide organization that offers innovative solutions to support the sale of Caterpillar electric power and petroleum engines and related equipment. Through financing of Cat electric power generation, oil and gas equipment and cogeneration systems, Cat Power Finance is an industry-focused resource working for you. Financing is available for specific Cat equipment or for the entire turnkey project, including the soft costs of engineering and installation. Solutions such as construction and term loans, equipment loans, leases, syndicated facilities and project financing can be customized to fit your needs.

Cat Mining Finance offers everything from leasing and general financing to project and structured financing. Cat Mining Finance gives you access to local people who provide genuine personal attention with the expertise and capability to bring a wide range of global resources to your business, regardless of size or location. From surface mining to underground mining and everything in between, our financial products and services can help you get the most out of your mining business.


Debt Consolidation/Refinancing lowers your monthly payments by lengthening terms, consolidating loans and restructuring payments. This may include a Working Capital Loan to fund the day-to-day operations, where a customer can borrow against the equity of his existing equipment fleet.


Extended Protection, offered by Cat Financial Insurance Services, protects customers from unexpected repair costs to their Cat machines and engines. Physical Damage Insurance covers damage to equipment from collision, fire, overturn and more.

Not all of these financial and insurance solutions are available in every country. Please visit catfinancial.com or contact a Cat Financial representative to find out more about specific products and offers in your area.

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