Use Capital Efficiently

Manage capital and improve cash flow.

Owning and operating heavy equipment is capital-intensive. Throughout the equipment lifecycle, capital needs fluctuate, cash flow varies, business requirements change and economic conditions ebb and flow. We can help you optimize financial performance in this dynamic environment.

Site-specific plans that improve financial flexibility

Get a custom strategy for managing your fleet’s financial demands, working with people who not only understand finance, but also know your industry. Together we:

  • Decouple capital needs from the business cycle to improve capital management
  • Match cash outflows demanded by your fleet with inflows generated by it
  • Structure financing that aligns with the lifecycle and your fleet’s revenue-generating potential
  • Develop metrics and controls that improve both fleet and business performance
Optimize your financial resources

Collaborate with Caterpillar Job Site Solutions for:

  • Financing, application and lifecycle management expertise
  • Business processes that help you maximize financial flexibility and control
  • Financing alternatives that make sense in a cyclical business
  • Focus on execution, communication and continuous improvement

Use Capital Efficiently

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