Working For You

Working For You

Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) Work For You
Competitive pressures make cost control more important today than ever before. CVAs provide a total solution that makes equipment management an asset rather than a liability. An almost infinite variety of easy, convenient and cost-effective CVAs are available. Your Cat® dealer is ready to work with you to develop an agreement that provides maximum benefits for your equipment, your resources, and your way of working.

A Variety of Flexible Options 
How you work, where you work, and the extent of your service capabilities are among the variables that will determine the type of CVA that is right for you. Following are a few of the more common options.

Machine and Engine Preventive Maintenance Agreements
Effective equipment management is one of the most important keys to maximum productivity and minimum costs. If you cannot make it a priority with your existing resources, consider the management experts at your Cat dealer.

  • This includes on-site preventive maintenance services performed to factory specifications.
  • Trained technicians with extensive equipment knowledge inspect and maintain your equipment.
  • Reports provide additional indicators that should be addressed to prevent costly repairs.
  • S•O•SSM fluid analysis and factory-trained interpreters maximise equipment life by evaluating trends in oil condition and component wear.

Machine Hydraulic Service
Hydraulic system management minimises costs and maximises machine productivity and availability. The focus is on three areas:

  • Contamination Control - More than 70 percent of hydraulic component failures can be traced to some type of contamination. Expert diagnostics and inspections can detect problems long before your operators can detect them.
  • S•O•S fluid analysis - Your Cat dealer interpreter provides expert analysis of component wear rates and makes recommendations.
  • Technical Inspections - Visual checks, plus performance and diagnostic testing of cycle times, drift rates, and pump flow, give you the inside story on your hydraulic system.

Complete Machine and Engine Inspection Programs
Your Cat dealer provides complete inspection programs performed by trained technicians with advanced diagnostic tools. Inspection results are provided to help you make informed equipment management decisions based on your work demands.

Customised Agreements
Your Cat dealer offers an extensive list of services to support a customised, total solution for your equipment management needs.

Why choose a CVA?
A CVA is an opportunity for you to increase productivity and availability while lowering your owning and operating costs. CVAs help you find equipment problems before they cause failure, leaving you with fewer repairs and less unscheduled downtime. The experts at your Cat dealer can make sure your machine is available when you need it. Plus, you can customise your CVA so it maximises your time and resources.

This site contains general information regarding CVAs available from Cat dealers. The types of CVAs offered by each dealer varies. For more specific information about the types of CVAs available, contact your local Cat dealer.

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